Field – Selling Point

R E O Speedwagon - Manning, Alberta 1
R E O Speedwagon – Manning, Alberta 1
R E O Speedwagon - Manning, Alberta 2
R E O Speedwagon – Manning, Alberta 2

In an open field, displayed for sale, parked next to a 1969 GMC grey and white one-tonne cab and chassis and a dented, yet intact retro green with white, 1957 Chevrolet sedan, sits an REO Speedwagon one-tonne cab and chassis. Further up this same field is a fenced-in area with large storage shed for large farm equipment and a farmer’s mechanic’s shop for working on equipment. Spray-painted on three sides of a smaller building closer to the road is the phone number needed for making contact with the seller of these implements and vehicles. Not a junk yard and not a used car lot, the field does serve as selling point for these vehicles that may be of interest to travellers driving by. This image is the badging as found on the REO Speedwagon with colour and with some desaturation.

Listening to – Ashley MacIsaac’s ‘She’s a Rare One’ performed with Jackie Robitaille.

Quote to Inspire – “A photograph is the pause button on life.” – Ty Holland