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If you’ve found your way to this photo blog you are likely a person keenly interested in photography or someone who appreciates quality photographic images resulting from skilful camera work. I am a photographer who is about to engage in the 365 day, photo-a-day commitment and will appreciate your stopping in, regularly, to look around, check things out and share in the dialogue that ensues.

About Project 365 – this photo-a-day project holds my interest in terms of its potential for grappling with photography through practice and dialogue. Within this project I should be able to tackle one concept or skill or understanding for short periods of time, work with it, post results and comment about what occurred on a daily basis.

My intention for this photo blog project is best explained by analogy. In relation to fitness, a friend counsels about his need to go beyond weight training, to keep a 5K in his back pocket. On a daily basis, he will direct part of his workout to ensuring he is ready and able when the invitation of a 5K presents itself. His point is that none of us should ever be found sidelined or underprepared for Life’s challenges; daily discipline and practice help maintain, in readiness, our strength, stamina and competencies to challenge any such opportunity. To this end, each morning, he adds 50 minutes of long, slow burn cardio exercise to his workouts. And, you’ll find he’s more than prepared to engage in a 5K or most other Life challenges, whenever they arise.

Moving toward Photography that’s In My Back Pocket  Working a little each day at this year-long, photo-a-day project, competencies should develop, understandings should gel and solidify and quality photographic results should occur with greater consistency. I anticipate that my talk surrounding photography will evolve as will how I include camera work within each day. Best images result from competent camera work and good understanding of practice and our intent, things each of us should have in our back pocket when the opportunity of a photograph presents itself. I hope you will engage in dialogue with me about these matters and that you’ll find the grace to share your knowledge, your questions and your comments (and ‘likes’) along the way. Your interest and goodwill are appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by.

Lumens Borealis


21 thoughts on “In My Back Pocket

  1. Lovely photographs and I really like to read about your thoughts and what music you where listening to while the photographs where taken (edited?). Will def come back here again! Thank for visiting my blog

    1. Hello, hello …

      Thanks for looking in; the music is more about what’s being listened to during editing. But, curiously I should start posting about what was going on at the time the photo was taken. The Soft Solder photo, for instance, was taken while listening to the audiobook of Susan Sontag’s On Photography. For editing I’m using Adobe Lightroom.

      Your photos reveal warmth of location and delicious spicy/sweet foods. Take care,

    1. Hey there, Homer:

      Thank you for nominating towards Reader Appreciation. I’m intending to respond and open-out a little more of what makes me and my blog tick with a post; I’m caught just now in one of the hectic weeks of the school year that takes our grade 12 students towards and through their graduation ceremonies. I will be providing the photography (and moral support). That does not take away from the gratitude I owe you and others who check in regularly to view and read what’s posted. Thank you and thank you as well for your blog which enriches me, too.

      Take care, 🙂

      1. God bless you, you teach! I really enjoy seeing your part of the world. It is such a different world than mine having grown up on the gulf coast. I have traveled to Canada but only in the summer and do have relatives south of Edmonton in Lacombe. Thanks for sharing your world with the rest of us.

    1. Hello Colleen:

      Thank you for the Kreativ Blogger nomination, for connecting with my images and posts and for taking the time to pay things forward. Well done!

      Take care ….

      1. You’re welcome; it’s my pleasure to introduce people to your wonderful blog!

  2. Thanks for visiting and the like of my post “Strange Footprints”. I was very interested in what you have in your camera bag. I upgraded from a Canon Xsi to a Canon 60D as a Christmas present to myself. I am still learning all of the various aspects of this camera. I suspect your learning curve is much shorter than mine because you have a 30D. Your photos are nice.

    1. Hey there, …

      It’s great to read that you’re working with the Canon 60D. Beyond use of a Manfrotto tripod, the key feature of the 60D that helps is focusing in manual mode and using the Live-View display with the + button to refine the focus and draw greater clarity. In terms of learning curve may I recommend PhotoPlus Magazine … a magazine devoted to develop Canon DSLR users skill base; have a look at and consider a subscription. You’ll be able to find the magazine at any good bookstore. You can also work through an e-zine and iPad if that is your thing.

      We bought my son a Canon XSi two Christmases ago.

      The camera bag … it’s been evolving through the last ten years and maybe that’s the thing – it grows as you can afford equipment. But, the other truth is there too – you don’t need the best equipment to make a good photograph; you need to know how to use what you have to work with.

      Take care … and thanks for looking in. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much for the suggestion about a magazine geared to the Canon user. I will definitely take a look at that. Thanks as well about the tip on how to refine focus and get clarity. I appreciate that so much.

    1. Hello Leo:

      Thanks for looking in and your interest in some of the photos presented here.

      At this time, I do not have a medium/forum for selling images.

      I am looking into Smug Mug, Fine Art America, Red Bubble and Deviantart as venue.

    1. Thanks for looking in ….

      You’re doing very well to reach 200 posts in 200 days. I’m close to or perhaps over 295 posts in and rounding out year two.

      I appreciate your encourage and zeal. 😉

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