Meticulous, Careful & Slow

Photography & Conceptualizing Beauty

“Rodin did not concern himself with the beautiful. His art was meticulous, careful and slow. The beautiful comes only in its own terms. ‘Like in the forest when the forest is free of strangers in the evening the shy animals turn up at the river to drink.’  And, that’s the way the beautiful actually comes (Divine Beauty: The Invisible Embrace, John O’Donohue, Greenbelt).”

At Vavenby, British Columbia – the older Chevrolet, Cab & Chassis look on as vehicles pass by (Summer 2011).

2 thoughts on “Meticulous, Careful & Slow

    1. Hey there, Marvin:

      I enjoyed chatting with you in July 2011; and I have a set of photos for you. I can burn them onto DVD or CD and send them your way.

      I am also interested in what projects you currently have on the go. What’s the best way to connect?


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