Rainbow Re-edit

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Wind Turbines and Rainbow - Oahu 1

Wind Turbines and Rainbow – Oahu 1

Plantation Fire - Haleiwa, Oahu

Plantation Fire – Haleiwa, Oahu

Wind Turbines and Rainbow - Oahu 5

Wind Turbines and Rainbow – Oahu 5

Wind Turbines and Rainbow - Oahu 4

Wind Turbines and Rainbow – Oahu 4

Wind Turbines and Rainbow - Oahu 3

Wind Turbines and Rainbow – Oahu 3

Two summers ago, my wife, daughter and I enjoyed two weeks on Oahu. We rented a car, a Ford Fusion, for the time and used it to take us on day trips exploring Oahu. In the second week we returned for perhaps the fourth time to Haleiwa, part of Oahu’s North Shore. Exploring, shopping and photo gathering were elements of that day. We’d each finished an ice cream cone and were buying t-shirts for my son when sirens of fire engines moved through town – one, then, five minutes later another.

To the north, a plantation, perhaps a mile away was burning and dark black smoke was billowing in the air.

When traffic had returned to its steady flow we got into the car with the intention of returning to Honolulu for the evening. Traffic had slowed, returning to an ambling pace. As we headed away from Haleiwa the idea to see the site of the fire attracted my curiosity. I took a right from the main road and followed a one-lane backroad toward the fire. I thought better of it; the backroad to the plantation was narrow and blocking traffic would be a problem.

I stopped our vehicle, got out and looked back over my right shoulder to see these wind turbines with a rainbow coming down in the midst of them – an opportunity for a photograph had presented itself. I attached my 70-200mm lens to my Canon 60D, zoomed in and captured these images. I posted the image on this blog maybe eighteen months ago, an image edited on my laptop while waiting for clothes to dry in the laundry room of the Marriott Hotel in Honolulu. The original posted is the third image above. Yesterday, I explored this sequence of images and found a few others to share. My thanks to Mark Kurtz for drawing my attention back to these images.

Listening to – Parov Stelar’s ‘Room Service,’ Nitin Sawhney’s ‘Firmament,’ the Gotan Project’s ‘Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)’ and Quantic & Tempo’s ‘Sabor.’

Quote to Consider – “In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.” – August Sander

25 thoughts on “Rainbow Re-edit

    1. Hi Annabelle:

      I’ll be pointing my wife to your site for your books (we teach and she’s an old hand teaching grade 1; always on the lookout for kids books); we’ve had many dogs through the years – Chrissy (a wolf/lab cross), Katya (a siberian husky) and now Shadow (a cockerspaniel); each has figured significantly into our family.

      Thanks for looking in and for your kind words.

    1. Hey there, Kirt:

      I’m liking your watercolours of the Oregon covered bridges; Oregon is, no doubt, a great place to photograph, too. It is totally an interesting thing paying attention to where the opportunity of a photo is – especially, with something like this Rainbow.

      Thank you, for looking in and your kind words.

      Take care … 😉

  1. We’d each finished an ice cream cone and were buying t-shirts for my son when sirens of fire engines moved through town – one, then, five minutes later another.

    what an amazing story.
    fantastic result.

    1. Hey there, G …

      A result found in following an impulse, thinking better of it and having a 360 look around for what else presents – it may not be the best tack for a photographer, but that looking around before leaving the scene sometimes bears fruit.

      Thank you. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you decided to revisit this, those rainbow photos are simply amazing!!! The way you captured the colors and the width of the rainbow is breathtaking…thanks for sharing again!

    1. Hello, hello, Deb:

      My apologies on not responding sooner. I’ve been three weeks away with my camera on the Canadian prairies and in the Canadian Rockies – some food for the table (work) and some food for the soul (mountain top images).

      Mark Kurtz at Elementa (a science-based lobbying group in Washington) saw the potential of the original image as messaging for rethinking carbon-sourced fuels and asked if the group could use it for an upcoming forum. I consented to its use and then looked around through the set of images.

      Good schtuff! Thank you for your encouraging words.

      Take care … 😉

      1. Hey there, Deb:

        They will use the original as banner to put the title of the forum on. The set of images are the ones posted here.

        The forum outcome should be interesting – moving away from carbon fuels in a time when the value of a barrel of crude oil has sunk to 2009 prices.

        Take care …. 😉

    1. Hey there, Shannon:

      I read your blog post during a meal while several days away from home on my own – it was food for the soul. Good schtuff!

      Thanks for having a look around here and your kind words.

      Take care … ;

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