Blessing Become

Canola Homestead - Fort Vermilion, Alberta
Canola Homestead – Fort Vermilion, Alberta
Elektra Water Bomber 1
Elektra Water Bomber 1
Elektra Water Bomber 2
Elektra Water Bomber 2
Winter Snow 1
Winter Snow 1
Winter Snow 2
Winter Snow 2

At -39C steam hangs in the air almost failing to dissipate, resolving into a fog residue – vehicle exhaust, factory steam, breath from your own mouth. Cold cranking car batteries fail and must be boosted. January into February, in the North we’re rounding the cold portion of the orbital arc, pulling January’s cold with us into February. To look back, to rework and to resurrect in new ways – former photographs become blessing. Blown, compacted, heated and crusted snow is the subject of two images. Summer images include a homestead house within a field of canola as well as the Elektra water bomber from July.

Listening to – Stompin’ Tom Connors’ ‘Sudbury Saturday Night,’ Ray Wylie Hubbard’s ‘Mother Blues,’ Gurf Morlix’s ‘Gasoline’ and Buddy Miller’s ‘Does My Ring Burn Your Finger.’

Quote to Inspire – “I have to shoot three cassettes of film a day, even when not ‘photographing’, in order to keep the eye in practice.” – Josef Koudelka


    1. Hey there, Mona:

      Thank you for looking in and these comments – it’s the technical aspects of editing that you’re talking about and their impact and the response they generate. The narrative – composite encapsulation of this week; occasionally, I have to recognize how vulnerable we are to our environmental conditions, up here. I boosted my car once this week and then needed to take it for a half-hour run to charge the battery and heat the engine core thoroughly. Twenty years ago, I made it through a few days of -60C out in Wood Buffalo National Park … far away from civilization (towns and road). The quote – it’s true … we do have to keep our eyes in practice, we have to exercise the skill of seeing and making sense of the visual narrative within the viewfinder. Right now, the exercise is coming more from editing than it is from snapping photos daily. Last weekend, I had about 50 Gb of images after a Basketball tournament.

      Take care … 🙂

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