Shape Sense – Light & Shadow

Canon 60D, Canon Lens, Canon Live View, Fall, Farm, Flora, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Light Intensity, Photography & Conceptualizing Beauty, Weather
Autumn Gold 2 - Donnely, Alberta 1

Autumn Gold 2 – Donnely, Alberta 1

Autumn Gold 2 - Donnely, Alberta 2

Autumn Gold 2 – Donnely, Alberta 2

Autumn Gold 2 - Donnely, Alberta 3

Autumn Gold 2 – Donnely, Alberta 3

Autumn Gold 2 - Donnely, Alberta 4

Autumn Gold 2 – Donnely, Alberta 4

Autumn Gold 2 - Donnely, Alberta 5

Autumn Gold 2 – Donnely, Alberta 5

It’s cold this morning. At -26C, the conundrum is how to deal with my camera (battery-life) and tripod (breakable at colder temperatures). Warmly cloaked, as I trek round my morning’s 6km circuit, I’m resigned to using the walk to scout out pictures. Throughout, I’m listening to conversations – interviews, podcasted on my iPod. But, cold-weather photo-making is not as easy an endeavor as capturing an image within that moment when I find its promise. I turn my initiative to what I can do indoors – editing of previous photos, investigating shots that I haven’t yet worked with and finding new results. This morning is follow-up to other images in the series following the Autumn Gold image from a few days back. Versions of the photo are non-HDR, HDR Black and White and HDR Colour – some fun. The realization is that the HDR images provide better gradation of light and shadow creating better sense of shape as contrasted with non-HDR images. Have a look.

Listening to – Krista Tippett’s interview with Jean Vanier, founder of L’Arche; interesting concepts include the necessity of becoming vulnerable in order to be able to love another and the vulnerability of God in Loving us. Another captivating idea is the path from soul to reality … the curious extrapolation is how this path is distorted, twisted or perhaps even strangled; the last thought has be prodded from a friend’s newly found cynicism – a lot can stand in our way, obscuring our vision and awareness of others.

Quote to Consider – “Nobody ever discovered ugliness through photographs. But many, through photographs, have discovered beauty. Except for those situations in which the camera is used to document, or to mark social rites, what moves people to take photographs is finding something beautiful.” – Susan Sontag, On Photography

4 thoughts on “Shape Sense – Light & Shadow

  1. This cold is making it brutal to go out and take shots! I’ve been sticking to indoor still lifes and compositions, but feeling slightly guilty about not being adventurous. I totally feel your pain.
    The Alberta 3 version is my favourite of this series (although I love the shot in general, beautiful work), nice colour shift. What editing suite are you using? Looks like Nik software…

    1. Hey there, Lindsay:

      Photographic adventure is somewhat of a challenge in this darker, colder season. And, perhaps that’s it … that where the adventure is … in extremes. On the other hand, you present exploration of texture, colour, macros and space – I’m liking what you are achieving with images; and perhaps that’s it … to refine my indoor view and to do more seeing of what is here, within, with my camera. It is a tack to take that will force grappling with light and shadow and exploring compositions.

      The warmer images of the Autumn Gold hold my attention, too – Alberta 3.

      This year has been about working with NiK software … I’ve enjoyed the results that I’ve found. And, I’ve just found my way to the Analog editor – relatively new (seems sort Instagram-ish). Still I’m thinking there are some editing suites to explore – Topaz, for instance.

      How about you? What editing suite are you working with? 😉

      1. I’ve been using Nik’s stuff for awhile, I really like the flexibility of the tools. I agree, Analog exists due to the Instagram trend, which makes me sigh, but it does have some really strong possibilities. I’m just glad google has continued to develop the tool, instead of just letting it die a slow death after acquisition 🙂

      2. I’m with you the simplicity and flexibility of the tools is the draw, allowing for exploration of what might be created with an image. With Analog, it’s better to have a range of tools to work with and to add Analog into the mix.

        Good schtuff! 🙂

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