Month: March 2013

Cattails & Snow Curves

Cattails and Snow, High Level, Alberta 1

Cattails and Snow, High Level, Alberta 1

I’m liking these cattails and the lengthening curves of the snow in which they are set.

Listening to – Tim Reynolds fret a number from the Live at Radio City concert with Dave Matthews, ‘You Are My Sanity’; then it’s Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds with a Neil Young tune, ‘Down by the River.’

Quote to Inspire – “I really don’t have any idea about photography, but I take pictures.” – Alex Majoli

Cable & Ice Bridge

Cable - Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Cable – Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Ice Bridge, Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Ice Bridge, Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Ice Bridge, Tompkins Landing, Alberta 2

Ice Bridge, Tompkins Landing, Alberta 2

Cable has been wound upon one of two huge snow-covered spools used to pull the Edmonton Queen ferry up and out from the Peace River at Tompkins’ Landing, Alberta. The first image, a macro shot explores light, colour and texture of cable on the spool. The other two images are of the Tompkin’s Landing ice bridge – one kilometre in length, crossing the Peace River – a solid structure between December and March, capable of holding a transport truck weighing 60 tons.

Listening to – Coldplay from the Mylo Xyloto 2012 tour beginning with ‘Major Minus,’ then ‘Yellow,’ ‘Princess of China,’ ‘Up in Flames,’ ‘Clocks’ and ‘Charlie Brown.’

Quote to Inspire – “Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” – Don McCullin

Snow – Warmed

Alberta Skies - High Level, Alberta 1

Alberta Skies – High Level, Alberta 1

Alberta Skies - High Level, Alberta 2

Alberta Skies – High Level, Alberta 2

Alberta Skies - High Level, Alberta 3

Alberta Skies – High Level, Alberta 3

Alberta Skies - High Level, Alberta 4

Alberta Skies – High Level, Alberta 4

In Spring wind skims over sun-warmed snow, blowing and lifting moisture laden air sky high. A blue sky day can become cloud-ridden in hours. Alberta skies feature in images along the southward drive to Edmonton in Spring.

Listening to – Coldplay’s ‘Mylo Xyloto,’ ‘Hurts Like Heaven,’ and ‘In My Place.’

Quote to Inspire – “I’m very open to any visual conceits and any possibilities at my disposal to be better explain to people the ideas I’m exploring.” – Tim Hetherington

Sunset Thaw

Sunset Thaw - High Level, Alberta

Sunset Thaw – High Level, Alberta

Sunset, nearing home in last year’s spring thaw – more Alberta skies.

Listening to – enjoyed much of the Boy On Bridge album from Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle; ‘Testify’ is a song that stands out as does ‘Where I Belong.’

Quote to Inspire – “I don’t believe a person has a style. What people have is a way of photographing what is inside them. What is there comes out.” – Sebastiao Salgado

Mountainous Crop

Mountainous Crop

Mountainous Crop

Here we go … SwittersB suggests trying a crop of this photo for its effect … looks like we’re in the mountains. Have a look. 😉

Listening to: Dido’s ‘Thank you.’

Quote to Inspire – “A photographer strives to be fully aware of every moment, and to be one with all others every moment.” – Anonymous

Winter’s Tail-end …

1 Buttertown Home - Fort Vermilion, Alberta 2

Winter Psychedelic

Winter Psychedelic 1

Winter Psychedelic 1

Winter Psychedelic 2

Winter Psychedelic 2

Winter Psychedelic 3

Winter Psychedelic 3

Winter Psychedelic 4

Winter Psychedelic 4

Colour found and pulled from winter is subject of current photos. There’s a feel of the seventies as colour is approached – strong rich colours and contrasts in the darker images. The lighter images explore oversaturation and the aura surrounding subject. An icicle is shaped by heat and gravity. Another is shaped by wind’s push and pull. Both are lens for what they are in front of. Weeds, left behind, within the bleakness of a lacklustre winter field become source from which to pull colour and attention to shape and setting in an image that could be termed … ‘psychedelic.’

Listening to – iTunes set to start genius, starting at The Eagle’s Seven Bridges Road yields an energizing playlist – Eagles’ ‘Seven Bridges’ Road,’ Aerosmith’s ‘Back in the Saddle,’ The Black Crowes’ ‘ Twice as Hard,’ The Who’s ‘Magic Bus,’ Nazareth’s ‘Love Hurts,’ Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Pink Cadillac,’ The Rolling Stones’ ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking,’ Neil Young’s ‘Rockin In The Free World’ and The Kingsmen’s ‘Louie Louie.’

Quote to Inspire – “I also paint, draw and I’m into film and photography as well, and the same thing applies to all of them. You’re presenting this material to the general public and hoping that they’re going to ‘get’ what you’re doing. Some don’t, some do.” – Paul Kane

Snow – Inches at a Time

Cattails - High Level, Alberta 1

Cattails – High Level, Alberta 1

Cattails - High Level, Alberta 2

Cattails – High Level, Alberta 2

That day – not in Church, in the first warmth of spring’s sun; snow, hip-deep … all your weight, leaning forward, shifting snow, inches at a time … to these snow-surrounded cattails. A beautiful, sunny spring Sunday with my Canon 60D.

Listening to – Alice in Chains’ ‘Heaven Beside You,’ Amiina’s ‘Rugla,’ and Angus and Julia Stone’s ‘Big Jet Plane.’

Quote to Inspire – “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” – Ansel Adams

Icicle Lens

Icicle Lens - Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Icicle Lens – Tompkins Landing, Alberta 1

Icicle Lens - Tompkins Landing, Alberta 2

Icicle Lens – Tompkins Landing, Alberta 2

At Tompkins Landing on the Peace River snow on cable anchors that hold the Queen of Edmonton Ferry in place high upon the river bank has with sun’s springtime intensity begun to melt and produce icicles. With macro lens it was possible to capture colour within each icicle lens as well as elements of structure within the icicle.

Listening to – Jack Johnson and ‘Banana Pancakes.’

“Still images can be moving and moving images can be still. Both meet within soundscapes.” – Chien-Chi Chang

Animate Slap

Beaver and Sunset - Dixonville, Alberta

Beaver and Sunset – Dixonville, Alberta

At sunset, on a lake north from Dixonville, Alberta, on the west side of a highway’s curve, a beaver has swum towards me to determine whether or not I’m animate, part of the setting or active within its setting. When my movement becomes large and noticeable, the beaver slaps its tail on the water and dives, swimming from what had been its present location to another where line of sight on me, the potential predator, can be had.

Listening to – much of Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds’ Live at Radio City Music Hall; the songs standing out this morning have been ‘Bartender’ (as possible prayer), ‘Save Me’ (for its allusion), ‘Crash into Me’ (intimate lovers’ dialogue), ‘Sister’ (I have a sister-in-law) and ‘Lie in Our Graves’ (for its shared fun).

Quote to Inspire – “A photographer is an acrobat treading the high wire of chance, trying to capture shooting stars.” – Guy Le Querrec


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