Barbed and Anchored

Fence Post and Homestead
Fence Post and Homestead

December winter scene – homestead and trees, land that once was broken, now fenced in – protected, reminding and reminiscent of lives and the work of living. Snow blankets dormant land and caps a fence post, one among many anchoring three strands of barbed wire used to hold animals to this area of land while they graze. Horizon, sky, former home, snow and wood’s texture, softer muted colours – all hold my eye and attention.

Listening to – Madeleine Peyroux’s J’ai Deux Amours, Kenny Gamble’s Me and Mrs. Jones, Toni Sola’s Night Sounds Blues, and Burt Bacharach’s (They Long to Be) Close to You, recognizable songs among others that form the From Paris With Love Soundtrack.

Quote to Inspire – “Emotion or feeling is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that is just a trick.” – Christopher Anderson

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  1. yoshizen says:

    I like a contrast of the texture, foreground and the back but not sure
    the burning (darken) the center.

    1. Hey there, Yoshi:

      Me too … still figuring out how best to present the image; but, like what is presented. The sky does darken towards the top.

      Take care, … 🙂

    1. Hey there, Maralee:

      I’m liking the photo too … and working through best presentation of the image through editing.

      But, I like what we’ve got here.

      Lumens, … 🙂

  2. Angeline M says:

    Wonderful photo. And I love the quote!

    1. Hey there, Angeline:

      I think the quote could equally speak of music … as I read, I’ve been listening to Over the Rhine and Gillian Welch. Everything is Free plays from Gillian’s Time the Revelator album.

      The photo has been curious fun and investigation.

      Take care, Lumens 🙂

    1. Hello Robyn:

      Two other images of this derelict, yet memorial homestead were created; the image moved away from accurate or reality-based rendering of the image to one incorporating the playful use of colour in an expressive/expressionist sense. 😉

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