Fluid Metal Clad

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Rogers Place - Edmonton, Alberta Canada 1

Rogers Place – Edmonton, Alberta Canada 1

Rogers Place - Edmonton, Alberta Canada 2

Rogers Place – Edmonton, Alberta Canada 2

Rogers Place - Edmonton, Alberta Canada 3

Rogers Place – Edmonton, Alberta Canada 3

Rogers Place is Edmonton’s venue for hockey in the National Hockey League. It is home to the Edmonton Oilers hockey team. The building attracts one’s eye with its metal tiles, a skin for the building. The metal cladding adds texture to the building. It reminds of fish scales or snake skin and fluid movement. A night image of this structure, working with available light should captivate – a never-done. For now this image is a study of what is there – check out these different edits.

I’ve been working through YouTube videos on photography. I am impressed with Sean Tucker, as a photographer and mentor, for how he thinks through and conceptualizes an image. I am impressed that his thinking is often broader than photography itself. Often, he’ll speak with good understanding to what’s happening for the photographer as she or he creates an image. The two quotes presented here are ones Sean has gathered. They deal with the pursuit of never-dones in photography and growth as a photographer. They are about stepping outside the box (our comfort zone) and goal-setting.

Quotes to Inspire / Consider: (1) “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for (William G.T. Shedd).” (2) “I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it (Pablo Picasso).”

Listening to: J.D. McPherson’s album ‘Undivided Heart & Soul,’ a retro fifties set of tunes and narratives; The Cranberries’ ‘Linger,’ ‘Zombie,’ and ‘Ode to My Family.’ Sorry to find that Dolores O’Riordan, the captivating voice and lyricist of the Cranberries has passed. The songs ‘Linger’ and ‘Dreams’ were part of the nineties and hold memory in first years following school.

3 thoughts on “Fluid Metal Clad

  1. Can’t decide whether I like No1 for its crisp colour or No3 for the gritty look and emphasis on texture. I like the quote about the ship. Sometimes impetuous actions and decisions are made out of the fear of not doing thing, but they are not always good decision are they. I’ve been guilty of this at times. Scared that if I don’t “just do it” I’ll never do something. Age brings an idea of reality, and I try to choose carefully. But then sometimes it’s good to attack something without an endgame in place. 🙂


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      Agreed about impetuosity, age, endgame and then times of pulling skills to use.

      The day had been about colder, -30C weather. The day had been about wife and daughter shopping on a sunny day after Christmas. The day had been about about the opportunity of undefined time (and a photograph).

      A chance meeting had occurred. An older, homeless man thriving in extraordinary circumstance pan-handled. And, he’d chatted with me – humourous, subtle, practical wisdom, coming my way. He took an interest in the photograph and expounded on educating lawmakers.

      ‘Seize the day,’ ‘just do it,’ ‘the road less travelled?’ The day recalls Leo Buscaglia and his meeting with a homeless man. They had shared a bottle of wine on a river bank and words of wisdom came forth – “Keep your mind full and your bowels empty.” Perhaps practical advice – Buscaglia thought so.

      The photograph – a scouting shot for future images.

      Good schtuff! Take care ….

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