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Chevrolet Grain Truck 1
Chevrolet Grain Truck 1

At day’s end, cold yet indoors, changing tack on the day’s direction – printing two or three images, ones that I might have done as canvas prints. I chatted with Image Design Pros in Grande Prairie – cost and size of the image that can be produced are both attractive elements within my decision. Shutterfly is another option, an option my wife has talked around with her colleagues.The Picture Perfect Frame and Gallery in Grande Prairie may also serve as framing point for prints.  I discovered that Dan Kameka who has photographed many retrospective farming tribute photos as well as the Dunvegan bridge has been former owner of this same Picture Perfect Frame and Gallery. Upstairs the gallery contains two or three remaining prints of Dan Kameka’s – farming tribute … black and whites with selective colorization (retro greens and reds from the forties, fifties and sixties), nostalgic prints holding memories for people within and around Grande Prairie. There are artists from within the regions – Klaus Peters, Robert Guest and Frank Martel. I bought a Martel work for my son for Christmas – there’s an intensity in the use of colours that is vibrant and energizing.

In printing photos tonight I am pleased with the colour fidelity between monitor and actual print. It’s been ‘Homestead & Winter Skies,’ ‘Winter’s Wraith-like Wisps,’ ‘Rivetting – Edmonton’s High Level Bridge,’ and ‘Gorge – Englishman River Falls, British Columbia.’ The photos presented here tonight are a quartet of winter images of that Nampa grain truck, a Chevrolet three-ton from a few posts back.

Listening to – The Road Home with Bob Chelmick, CKUA streaming via the Internet … two poems by Lorna Crozier begin the show; one’s called Patience; then it’s Things to Do by Calgary’s John Rutherford.

Quote to Inspire – “A photo is a small voice, at best, but sometimes – just sometimes – one photograph or a group of them can lure our senses into awareness. Much depends upon the viewer; in some, photographs can summon enough emotion to be a catalyst to thought.” – W. Eugene Smith

Chevrolet Grain Truck 2
Chevrolet Grain Truck 2
Chevrolet Grain Truck 3
Chevrolet Grain Truck 3
Chevrolet Grain Truck 4
Chevrolet Grain Truck 4

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    1. Hey there, Scott:

      I’m liking the old Chevrolet, too. Thanks for looking in. 🙂


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