Last Inhabitants – No Longer Tended To

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Grain Stocks - Fairview, Alberta

Grain Stocks – Fairview, Alberta

Under grey, foreboding winter skies, grain stocks remain – last inhabitants of this farmer’s field. Missed by the threshing blade, iced with snow and blown by every breeze they remain, still standing, no longer tended to.

Listening to – Martyn Joseph’s Cardiff Bay, Strange Way and The Great American Novel.

Quote to Inspire – “Not everybody trusts paintings; but, people believe photographs.” – Ansel Adams

7 thoughts on “Last Inhabitants – No Longer Tended To

    1. Hi there, Angeline:

      The quote has me considering the illusion of photography as reality and that we suspend our disbelief when the photograph reveals something so similar to what we see with our eyes. There’s the issue of the photograph being a record, an encapsulation and representation of reality at a given moment in time that leans photography towards what Art is. Something to think on ….

      Interesting ideas …. 🙂

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