Midnight Sun – Mists

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Highway Mists - Twin Lakes, Alberta 1

Highway Mists – Twin Lakes, Alberta 1

Highway Mists - Twin Lakes, Alberta 2

Highway Mists – Twin Lakes, Alberta 2

I asked my son to stop our truck, here, at Twin Lakes just where you begin a five kilometre descent, a significant change in altitude often accompanied by an equally significant change in weather. Twin Lakes was our first safe opportunity to pull off the road and to use the camera to capture what we’d been seeing. Not quite, London’s pea-soup fog, but fog thick enough for you to hear a vehicle approaching before you would see it. And, northern Alberta is the land of the midnight sun; at 10:30 p.m. the sun has still not quite crossed the horizon to the West (left). There were perhaps ten other, perhaps more dramatic shots before this point in the road that I would have taken, but stopping in misty conditions could have caused an accident. Better to be safe and take shots without peril.

Listening to – ‘On Being with Krista Tippett’ and her 2011 interview with Vincent Harding who recently passed away; Vincent has connection to the Mennonites and wrote some of Martin Luther King’s speeches.

Quote to Inspire – “Imperfect technique has come to be appreciated precisely because it breaks the sedate equation of Nature and Beauty.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

10 thoughts on “Midnight Sun – Mists

    1. Hey there, Jess:

      Thanks for looking in – I’m liking the pink flower against dark background, the clean guitar fretboard and Arcade Fire (reminds of the soundtrack associated with Mitty) – all found on the mars black vintage sight. Good schtuff! 🙂

    1. Hey there, Kendall:

      Thank you for your kind words; there were other potential images that had I have gotten them would have looked ethereal/other-worldly.

      I’m liking your use of colour; my mother would associate it to Van Gogh in some images.

      Take care … 😉

  1. These are stunning shots of an incredible scene. Love that the power lines remain and that the road looks as if it goes on forever. I can’t tell express enough how much I love the second one in particular.

    1. Hey there, Laurie:

      I’m thinking that one day, you and a Harley Davidson (yours) will need to make your way over this route; it’s the second time you’re commenting on it https://lumensborealis.com/2013/04/17/solitary-return/ . Had I been able to stop safely, there were parts of this same road where the mist was thick covering the ground/foliage and all you could see were the power poles/lines coming upwards from them.

      Good schtuff! 😉

  2. We’ve just driven from Lyon to Brioude in France, across the high pass at Fix St Genys in the Auvergne. And after rain, the sun and the roads steaming as the miles roll away. Woods and mountains passing.

    🙂 Happy days


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