Snow – More

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Snow - Back Deck 1

Snow – Back Deck 1

Snow - Back Deck 2

Snow – Back Deck 2

Snow - Back Deck 3

Snow – Back Deck 3

Snow - Back Deck 4

Snow – Back Deck 4

Snow - Back Deck 5

Snow – Back Deck 5

Snow - Back Deck 6

Snow – Back Deck 6

Snow - Back Deck 7

Snow – Back Deck 7

We’re there. We have more than our quota of snow … and there’s still two months to go. Within the town of High Level every place you look is contending with a snow blanket that is three to four feet thick. Driveways are framed on two sides with snow mountains five, six and seven feet in height, snow that’s been cleared away to allow vehicles to park and access to garages. Great clumps of snow hang from the eaves of houses in unusual, windblown shapes. And, our weather hasn’t broken its pattern of a once in three-to-four day solid snowfall since November. The images presented here look south from our back deck where snow is beyond four feet in depth, having drifted in.

Listening to – Mike Plume’s ‘Stay Where Yer To’

Quote to Inspire – “I don’t care so much anymore about ‘good photography’; I am gathering evidence for history.” – Gilles Peress

5 thoughts on “Snow – More

    1. You know, Jim, I have jumped in a snow drift this winter; the pile of snow that I cleared from the deck is something perhaps to jump into, though. My daughter and I will have to entertain some gravitational pull with all this snow. We’ll have to wait a day or two because it’s -42C today … I had to boost my Nissan Altima after school today and then take it out to the airport and back to charge the battery properly.

      Snow angels … here we come. 🙂

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