North Country Cloud-work

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Country Road Sunset - Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Country Road Sunset – Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Farm Silo Silhouette - Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Farm Silo Silhouette – Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Wednesday’s travel took me from my Calgary, Camera Store stop northward on my return drive to High Level. Around dinner-time, between Mayerthorpe and Whitecourt the cloud-work and evolving sunset on the southwest of the highway were a spectacular sight among a huge and open northern Alberta sky, land less frequently frequented, something quite different from the frenetic congestion of people and land encountered between Edmonton and Calgary, an area still held in grey bleakness of winter. It was good to be traveling home in familiar North Country.

Listening to – Collective Soul and ‘Shine’, and, Sigur Ros and ‘E-bow.’

Quote to Inspire – “While there is perhaps a province in which the photograph can tell us nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, there is another in which it proves to us how little our eyes permit us to see .” – Dorothea Lange

6 thoughts on “North Country Cloud-work

    1. Hey there, you … thank you for your kind words.

      Beautiful cloud-work … more a relief than anything else after being in the grey, bleak, still winter-ridden southern half of Alberta … the understandable context of home.

      Take care ….

    1. Hello, hello …

      No doubt it’s related to spring time convection over the first prairies as clouds move from the Pacific, through British Columbia and into Alberta. The timeframe is about sunset and the sky’s air is cooling … the clouds are pockets of precipitation in what had been an overcast day. The clouds are pocketed like that and I’ve chosen more of a silhouette shot in both images – shooting into the sun. Beyond this, the area is big, big space … lots of sky and land.

      Really what’s happening is I’m choosing to stop the car, turn around and find the shot … then return to my drive home. It’s more that I was open to dealing with the photo’s opportunity as it arrived. I’m thinking there are ways I could have improved the shot’s composition and accuracy by using a neutral density grad filter or perhaps a polarizing filter (thoughts that are not always present when the immediacy of the photo presents itself … but, like most of us, I’m learning).

      Thanks for looking in. 😉

      1. That’s a great description. Now that I’m comfortable with the camera, I’m thinking about buying a filter and/or lens, so that’s perfect. Thanks for taking the time to write. 🙂

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