No Exit

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No Exit - 1

No Exit – 1

No Exit - 2

No Exit – 2

No Exit - 3

No Exit – 3

No Exit - 4

No Exit – 4

The juxtaposition of ‘No Exit’ against a landscape backdrop seems more an entry into the wilds from which one may not return. And, I note that the image does possess a surreal quality that recalls portions of the memory work accomplished by Jonas and ‘the Giver’ within Lois Lowry’s novel, ‘The Giver;’ this image could serve as cautionary waypoint toward the destination of home in the novel. The novel considers the costs of conformity in a future time. The narrative is one filtering out characters, drawing down to one who has the ability to comprehend, receive and appreciate the collective’s memory found in former times and former ways. This ‘No Exit’ image is taken on an early spring day close to the Rochfort Bridge, a kilometre long train trestle equidistant to Sangudo and Mayerthorpe, Alberta.

Listening to: a preview song, Martyn Joseph singing Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Walk Like a Man,’ a tribute to several songs of Bruce Springsteen.

Quote to Inspire – “A representational photograph says, ‘This is what Vienna looked like.’ An interpretational photograph goes one better and says, ‘This is what Vienna was like. This is how I felt about it.” ― David duChemin, Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision

6 thoughts on “No Exit

  1. I love these images! They make me want to walk there and find out what’s beyond the sign and into those trees in the background. I once spent quite a bit of time in northern CA, where there are a lot of redwood trees. There was a stand of three rather tall ones and when I walked inside, standing in the middle, there was complete silence. No more wind sounds, birds chirping, nothing. I felt like I had entered some kind of vortex. Looking straight up, it was magical to see them swaying. Truly amazing. Your images remind me of that time and place, so thank you!!

    1. Hey there, Gina:

      Your experience among the northern California redwoods sounds very close to a couple of the scenes in Lois Lowry’s novel, almost a moment of epiphany. If you come north to British Columbia and Vancouver Island you’ll want to take in Cathedral Grove … a similar special place. And, you’ll probably want to get out to the Long Beach that is on Vancouver Island – a tropical rainforest between Tofino and Ucluelet.

      It’s good to read how the images connect with you. Thank you. 😉

  2. These are beautiful images. I really like the differences between each of them. Each picture is truly unique and tells a different story. I am not well versed in photo editing so please forgive my basic question, but, what type of editing did you do to the images? And, what program do you use?

    1. Hello, hello … thank you for your kind words and your questions.

      Two editing programs were used for the ‘No Exit’ photos. Adobe Lightroom is the base program (installed first); it is used most often as a photo organizer program but has a range of editing that can be done through presets (exposure sets). Presets allow you to try out the photo’s look in different ways.

      The link to Adobe Lightroom is:!3085!10!1577936837!12956767655&ef_id=UhTdVAAAAOAMmz6S:20130821153132:s
      Another program that works within Lightroom as a plug-in is the NiK Collection, a collection of six powerful (yet easy to use) editing programs. Here, I would have used Viveza to adjust the image in terms of contrast, sharpness, brightness and shadow. And, I would have used Color Efex Pro to play with the exposure in terms of another set of filters (similar to presets).

      The link to the NiK Software collection is:

      There are tutorials for each program on the Internet; below please find a set of tutorials for Lightroom 5 and for NiK Software.

      Often you’ll find people would feel safer or more in control of the program within a workshop that gets them started. A photographer and instructor that is offering training over the Internet through webinars is Darlene Hildebrandt and she conducts one that deals specifically with how to set up and optimize Lightroom; she has two websites.

      What’s here will get you started in your photo-editing. People have commented that once you find your way to editing and when you see your visual intentions realized, that the hours disappear – that would be the caution. Otherwise, enjoy what these powerful and easy to use programs allow you to do.

      Take care (and enjoy) …. 😉

  3. Great detail in the sky, I love the randomness of this kind of sign. To be found all over the wild places, reminders of life, that existed when space was used to better effect.


    1. Hey there, Jim …

      It’s the non-sequitur of the sign within context that forces extrapolations toward meaning making … randomness.

      You’ve a poem there, too.

      To be
      all over wild

      of Life
      that existed



      was used to



      Take care … thanks for looking in …. 😉

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