Carpe Diem, Conundrum & Mosquitos

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Conundrum – how to manage a photo-a-day blog when away from home, computer, software and the Internet. Is it a matter of taking a computer with you? Or is it about caching photos taken during vacation for presentation later on, in look-back fashion? I’m only now sitting down at my computer to review photos, some three weeks later to discover this present gem of an image, a one-ton, late fifties truck that pops noticeably because of the wet reflective surface provided courtesy of the rain. Reflection is a neat thing for adding light to a subject and in so doing, highlighting the subject’s lines and shape. Here, an extraordinary combination of clouds, sun and rain at day’s end allows the opportunity to explore textures, shape, reflection and background. In taking this photo, there was the scramble to the scene (a reasonable distance) in order to make use of the setting, light and background.  And, in this same scene while there has been that aspect of Carpe Diem, there too were the mosquitos within the wet, warm weather to contend with. But, a gem is a gem and I like each of the four renderings of this photo.

In truth, though, it has been hard to sit still at day’s end, the household asleep and to find that I’m awake without the tools for editing photos, writing a post and blogging. The issue is about workflow and what I really value doing with my/our time on vacation.  Photography is intended to assist vacation recall … not what the vacation should be about. Next year, perhaps a laptop … perhaps not.  Perhaps focus will remain on enjoying and capturing our vacation with my camera.

I haven’t withdrawn from my blog so much as I’ve been presented with the separation of vacation from the routines of daily life – sort of a forced withdrawal that’s likely to bring benefits with regard to energy and perspective.

Listening to – Shawn Colvin’s All Fall Down.

Quote to Inspire – “A photograph is a moral decision taken in one eighth of a second.” – Salman Rushdie, The Ground Beneath Her Feet

5 thoughts on “Carpe Diem, Conundrum & Mosquitos

  1. Interesting commentary on the pictures and on the concept of holiday, Number 3 for me, just a hint of faded colour and contrast in the sky, I like that. I think, if you enjoy the pictures and the blog maybe you can do a cut-down version for the holiday. On our trip to Spain the internet was patchy so I did the writing for the trip afterwards from my diary/notebook.

    You can prepare and time release as well I think (I’ve never done it)

    1. Hey there, Jim:

      A cut-down version of photo-taking and blog; I’m liking your idea. Surprisingly, like you I did use a notebook/moleskin to keep track of intention and important information for some of the shots. And, it should be possible to extrapolate what had gone on from my notes. Curiously, you’re the third person to mention a trip to Spain this year. There’d be Madrid and Barcelona. At a different time of year there’d be the running of the bulls. There’d be Toreadors and sea-side vacation villas. I have a gold-plated letter opener from Toledo, a reminder of my parents’ trip to Costa Del Sol with friends.

      With the truck photos, I’m liking Number 3 as well.

      Take care,

    1. Hey there, Mona:

      You and I are both teachers. And, yes that most important thing for achieving perspective is withdrawal – a break. It allows for so much – the mind’s rigidity loosens … enough to consider new ideas and new possibilities. There’s the fun with others to be had. There’s personal challenges to undertake. There’s getting someplace totally different – safely out of one’s comfort zone.

      I think I’ve taken a break from photography … and perhaps the rest is what’s important in the break, as well.

      Take care, Mona

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