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Last, Day-lit Images

An image of the Scotford Refinery near Fort Saskatchewan, one of the last day-lit images shot at dusk looking east towards Edmonton after a good day of looking for and finding images. Listening to – Simple Minds’ ‘Alive and Kicking.’ Quote to Inspire –… Continue Reading “Last, Day-lit Images”

Blake’s Bison

In a day that’s been bright, yet overcast, the sun shines through broken cloud as it moves towards the horizon in late afternoon, shining directly on two Bison grazing at Astotin Lake in Elk Island National Park, images inspired by Sidney Blake’s discussion of… Continue Reading “Blake’s Bison”

Derelict House – Day’s End

Friday, following Christmas, after time away from Edmonton at Elk Island National Park photographing bison, there, we took the backway into Edmonton, leaving the park and coming into Edmonton through Fort Saskatchewan. Near Lamont we found this derelict farmhouse. I took some shots while… Continue Reading “Derelict House – Day’s End”

Dodges, Pontiac and Ford – All Start

My mind seems to be within the years tonight, thinking back to Ardrossan, out east from Edmonton, to Ivan’s country estate, an expansive, one-level home set on an acreage lot with a shop big enough to accommodate a semi-tractor unit (or perhaps two). Within… Continue Reading “Dodges, Pontiac and Ford – All Start”

Summerland – Sleepless Slumber

Sleepless after our second daylong endeavor of sorting through the personal effects and estate of my wife’s father, Ivan, prompts the opportunity for night photography in Summerland along Lake Okanagon. Quietly stealing away, I leave my wife to her slumber. With camera, tripod, cold-weather… Continue Reading “Summerland – Sleepless Slumber”

Recollecting – Molson’s Brewery

Few Edmonton buildings call to mind New York’s projects, rugged and raw, half-formed, partially dismantled buildings of a not too distant era left behind and left derelict – home to those few or many down-on-their luck. The site of Edmonton’s former Molson Brewery in… Continue Reading “Recollecting – Molson’s Brewery”

Cattails – Eastern lakeshore

A day or two after Christmas 2012, my brother and I got our families outside snowshoeing at Chickahoo Lake. In fresh air, our group got themselves tromping around the lake; I did so with my camera finding these cattails along the eastern lakeshore. Listening… Continue Reading “Cattails – Eastern lakeshore”

Winter Light’s Tone & Mood

On a Saturday afternoon, in late November or December, 1968, my father took me to Edmonton’s Varscona theater on the corner of 109th Street and Whyte Avenue to watch a newly created film version of a Dickens’ novel he knew well; my father took… Continue Reading “Winter Light’s Tone & Mood”

Adizes Curve

If you know the Adizes curve you’ll recognize what’s referred to as a learning curve being the initial part of a bell shaped curve moving you from initiation of a new practice to a point of prime where you crest the top of the… Continue Reading “Adizes Curve”

Homestead – Donnelly, Alberta

Homestead Here is a black and white photograph of a homestead between Donnelly and Peace River, Alberta – an image receiving attention from bloggers; structure, design and texture attract. My intention for this photograph initially has been the exterior; but, with photographs of homes… Continue Reading “Homestead – Donnelly, Alberta”

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