Derelict House – Day’s End

Backlight, Canon 60D, Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 IS L Series Lens, Canon Camera, Canon Lens, Christmas, Farm, Farmhouse, Home, Homestead, Light Intensity, Season, Vehicle, Winter
Derelict Farmhouse 1

Derelict Farmhouse 1

Derelict Farmhouse 2

Derelict Farmhouse 2

Friday, following Christmas, after time away from Edmonton at Elk Island National Park photographing bison, there, we took the backway into Edmonton, leaving the park and coming into Edmonton through Fort Saskatchewan. Near Lamont we found this derelict farmhouse. I took some shots while my son read a novel in our SUV; curiously, he may have been reading Charles Dickens’ ‘Bleak House,’ a novel sorting through the estate of someone who has passed … the clarity and speed of action within Britain’s legal system at the time is slower than a snail’s pace and those to whom the estate would benefit are in some cases reduced to poverty with the waiting … that’s gone on for what seems a generation; it’s social commentary and plot. With the image, here, the sun was moving toward the horizon and gives partial corona to the roof at each leftmost edge near the eaves trough. The textures and muted tones appeal. In looking through the image, the landscape that the house is set in seems to collect the unused, as well – day’s end for a few things.

Listening to – Cold Play’s ‘Violet Hill’, ‘Yellow’ and John Farnham with ‘The Voice’.

Quote to Inspire – “Everything shifts as you move, and different things come into focus at different points of your life, and you try to articulate that.” Chris Steele

2 thoughts on “Derelict House – Day’s End

  1. Lovely! I passed so many old farms on the way to my meeting this morning …but I had to keep driving or I’d have been late! very nice photo

    1. Hey there, LB:

      It happens to me too – a long drive home with the family and taking time for photos takes time away from getting wherever we need to get to. My wife’s pretty good at encouraging me to stop and take a photo or two … but she does like to arrive at our destination, too. I suppose it’s about tradeoffs (and keeping an idea log of potential photos to explore).

      Good schtuff! Take care, … 🙂

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