Cattails – Eastern lakeshore

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Eastern Lakeshore - Cattails

Eastern Lakeshore – Cattails

A day or two after Christmas 2012, my brother and I got our families outside snowshoeing at Chickahoo Lake. In fresh air, our group got themselves tromping around the lake; I did so with my camera finding these cattails along the eastern lakeshore.

Listening to much of Jack Johnson this morning – Banana Pancakes, Sleep Through the Static, Bubble Toes and Staple It Together.

Quote to Inspire – “A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever.” Raghu Rai

4 thoughts on “Cattails – Eastern lakeshore

    1. You have me curious about your locale and I’ve had a look to find that you are California-based; around Christmas in Edmonton, you’re most times able to find snow. The snow shoes were light-weight aluminum and kids and adults were able to get around on them famously. You have me recall Louis Riel who walked a few hundred miles two centuries ago with snow shoes on backwards to elude the Northwest Mounted Police (they would become Canada’s RCMP).

      You’ll have to get in some snow with these incredibly small bits of transportation gear. Take care, 🙂

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