Recollecting – Molson’s Brewery

Canon 60D, Canon 70-200 mm 2.8 IS L Series Lens, Canon Camera, Christmas, Photography & Conceptualizing Beauty, Winter
Molson's  Edmonton Site 1

Molson’s Edmonton Site 1

Molson's  Edmonton Site 2

Molson’s Edmonton Site 2

Molson's  Edmonton Site 3

Molson’s Edmonton Site 3

Molson's  Edmonton Site 4

Molson’s Edmonton Site 4

Molson's  Edmonton Site 5

Molson’s Edmonton Site 5

Few Edmonton buildings call to mind New York’s projects, rugged and raw, half-formed, partially dismantled buildings of a not too distant era left behind and left derelict – home to those few or many down-on-their luck. The site of Edmonton’s former Molson Brewery in its semi-dismantled, unfinished and unconcluded state reminds me of the sights and sounds, the cadences and dialects of the English being spoken as I travelled by Greyhound from Toronto to Buffalo to New York City and then to Convent Station New Jersey in August of 1989 – a trip far away it seems in time, yet surprisingly near within imagination’s recollection. The priest who’d had his tonsils taken out at the kitchen table, the orthodox Jew in black taking daughters from Buffalo to New York, the Nun who led us in chant and harmony, the writing, writing and writing, Grand Central Station, Broadway, twenty-foot sidewalks populated with policemen, train travel and a Greyhound Strike – all were part of that five day trip.

Listening to and fretting Rickie Lee Jones’ Sailor Song, finding the sound and the rhythmic rhythm of a boat’s rolling on waves.

Quote to Inspire – “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things in words.” – Elliott Erwitt

5 thoughts on “Recollecting – Molson’s Brewery

    1. It ‘is’ fun to play.

      Teachers who embed play in their instruction with accessible/understandable humour and humour that stretches participation and extends understanding succeed with students. Repeated practice, exploration and ‘pushing-the-envelope’ are all part of play. Within such play information is explored; it’s also how visual narrative is explored within image editing – understanding and seeing more of what the image is about with each rendering of the image. Play is more than what goes on in the school grounds; when it becomes embedded in pedagogy that students use to understand their world we’ve created an independent learner. In photography, embedding play in shooting, in editing and in how an image is received allows the photographer to grow and refine intention. There’s discipline to play that yields result. 🙂

    1. Hey there, …

      It’s great to see which photos appeal to others. It’s a way to see which photographs are the strongest and it’s a way to come to terms with response from those taking in each image.

      Thank you for letting me know; it helps.

      Take care, … 🙂

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