Time Out (in the Brubeck sense)

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The Blue Hills - Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta

The Blue Hills – Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta

Taking time-out in the Brubeck sense, there being too much to do, having completed one huge step along a bigger task, clearing my head with photography before tackling the next huge step. This image is taken on a stretch of road behind the highway connecting Blue Hills to Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta. The intention had been to use three F-10 images of the same scene with focus-stacking software to produce a merged, focused image utilizing the lens’ strongest point of focus with various focal points in the scene. I didn’t get that far. I didn’t purchase focus-stacking software. Instead, I used HDR Efex Pro to merge the three shots. I’m liking the result, an image that would suit a Thanksgiving theme, the harvest complete, the field prepared for spring and a move toward quieter, less hectic work. Good.

Listening to – A Mash-up of Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck – Five Step; have a listen and watch … http://www.kewego.co.uk/video/iLyROoafJd5s.html ; also, listening to Bruce Cockburn’s ‘My Beat’ and ‘Wondering Where the Lions Are.’

Quote to Consider – “It is not altogether wrong to say that there is no such thing as a bad photograph – only less interesting, less relevant, less mysterious one.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

6 thoughts on “Time Out (in the Brubeck sense)

      1. You are welcome. I’d just heard about focus stacking from Tony Sweet who was a featured speaker at a photography conference I attended. I’d like to learn more. I guess a Google search would work. I’ll need to add it to a growing list of projects.

    1. Hello, hello …

      Wow … you saw Brubeck – I was in Toronto for a few weeks that summer; and, my father got to see him, then. I’ve had Time Out playing in the truck this week … a strong reminder of home and Dad playing different songs on his 1964 Heintzman piano – Bru’s Boogie Woogie was a lot of fun!

      Thanks for stopping by. 😉

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