Time Out (in the Brubeck sense)

The Blue Hills - Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta
The Blue Hills – Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta

Taking time-out in the Brubeck sense, there being too much to do, having completed one huge step along a bigger task, clearing my head with photography before tackling the next huge step. This image is taken on a stretch of road behind the highway connecting Blue Hills to Buffalo Head Prairie, Alberta. The intention had been to use three F-10 images of the same scene with focus-stacking software to produce a merged, focused image utilizing the lens’ strongest point of focus with various focal points in the scene. I didn’t get that far. I didn’t purchase focus-stacking software. Instead, I used HDR Efex Pro to merge the three shots. I’m liking the result, an image that would suit a Thanksgiving theme, the harvest complete, the field prepared for spring and a move toward quieter, less hectic work. Good.

Listening to – A Mash-up of Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck – Five Step; have a listen and watch … http://www.kewego.co.uk/video/iLyROoafJd5s.html ; also, listening to Bruce Cockburn’s ‘My Beat’ and ‘Wondering Where the Lions Are.’

Quote to Consider – “It is not altogether wrong to say that there is no such thing as a bad photograph – only less interesting, less relevant, less mysterious one.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

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  1. Stunning image. I like the intensity of it.

    1. Hey there, Tim:

      Thanks. I’m hoping to try some focus-stacking with the same image … one of these days.


      1. You are welcome. I’d just heard about focus stacking from Tony Sweet who was a featured speaker at a photography conference I attended. I’d like to learn more. I guess a Google search would work. I’ll need to add it to a growing list of projects.

  2. Saw Brubeck back in ’88…Amazing. Time Out (and Time Further Out) often run through my head while I’m in the air. Great music to blend with visual sensations.

    1. Hello, hello …

      Wow … you saw Brubeck – I was in Toronto for a few weeks that summer; and, my father got to see him, then. I’ve had Time Out playing in the truck this week … a strong reminder of home and Dad playing different songs on his 1964 Heintzman piano – Bru’s Boogie Woogie was a lot of fun!

      Thanks for stopping by. 😉

  3. redjim99 says:

    I like the composition, choosing I think the edge of the road to lead the eye on its journey to the Blue Hills.


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