Buttertown Storehouse

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Storehouse, St. Louis Mission - Buttertown, Fort Vermilion, Ab 1

Storehouse, St. Louis Mission – Buttertown, Fort Vermilion, Ab 1

Storehouse, St. Louis Mission - Buttertown, Fort Vermilion, Ab 2

Storehouse, St. Louis Mission – Buttertown, Fort Vermilion, Ab 2

The northern lights were out this morning in my pre-dawn walk around High Level – ice crystals are in the air; with last night’s heavy billowing clouds we’re nearing our first snowfall. Here, an image contains two end-points of high dynamic range editing; curiously, I’m liking the colour (tinted) version of the old, old store house at the St. Louis Roman Catholic mission in Buttertown – Fort Vermilion, Alberta. The image has me thinking to former priest, John O’Donohue and different parts of four lectures he’s presented and a journaling exercise he has people work through. The first question to work from is to articulate the seven things that are controlling ideas/elements in your Life – premises upon which your Life is founded.

Listening to – an investigation of the ‘Primitives,’ a group recommended with the ‘iambead.com’ photoblog; ‘Crash’ is the first tune I come across. Then it’s ‘All the Way Down’ and ‘Earth Thing.’

Quote to Inspire – “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” – Robert Capa

9 thoughts on “Buttertown Storehouse

    1. High praise, here … thank you.

      I’ve enjoyed looking through ‘i am bead .com’ – totally cool to find shots of Abbey Road and the fab four’s crosswalk. Wonky Tan is a little bit of fun, too.

      How’s your music going?


  1. They have said this year is going to be a good one for seeing the Northern Lights in England, November onwards, so I am planning some Northern trips to see if I can scratch them from my bucket list. I like the woozy feel to the clouds here, windy day?


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      This is an end of day image that links to a former photo of the clapperboard church you commented on. The HDR processing has caught whips of cloud where even the human eye wouldn’t normally see it. It is a shot a sunset.

      We’re starting in on the aurora borealis (northern lights) up here, too. The most recent images I’ve seen are taken with a Canon 60D, ISO at 2500 for 20 seconds. It’s also possible to pull the range of colour from northern lights images.

      How far north will you need to go … to where there’s no visual pollution, or, will you need to be north beyond Edinburgh? Or will you get over to Iceland?

    1. Cool – ‘melancholy,’ a state achieved visually, evoked from subdued colours, tones, weather and age of the subject. Thank you for putting words to this. 😉 Good schtuff!

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