Rain – Opportunities

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Ford & Challenger - High Level, Alberta 1

Ford & Challenger – High Level, Alberta 1

Ford & Challenger - High Level, Alberta 2

Ford & Challenger – High Level, Alberta 2

Ford & Challenger - High Level, Alberta 3

Ford & Challenger – High Level, Alberta 3

Ford & Challenger - High Level, Alberta 4

Ford & Challenger – High Level, Alberta 4

Ford & Challenger - High Level, Alberta 5

Ford & Challenger – High Level, Alberta 5

A 1948 Ford F-100 and my neighbor’s mid-seventies Dodge Challenger sit side-by-each in the Northstar Chrysler car lot – room has been made for them. I’m interested in this Ford. With previous image edits of this truck, I have grown familiar with shape and colour – I know this vehicle visually, a modified Ford, artfully and skilfully crafted by someone who understands possibilities for shape, line and colour, someone who has been able to bring about what he envisioned accurately to a pleasing end state. This Ford is one that could easily find a home among California cars. For me, the Show and Shine has presented the opportunity to meet the owner again, even if briefly, an interaction in which I am able to direct him to older images of his truck on this blog.

Rain is the challenge for photography at this show in shine – my point of learning; rain falls and as the shutter opens and closes however briefly the result is that I’m capturing droplets of rain as they fall – the image looks excessively grainy. I’ll be thinking through how to work with rain in photography. Perhaps precision and detail are not to be aimed at in rain. Or, perhaps the learning is to recognize that rain will present white bits of contrast against darker colours in such images. Wind also featured with the rain, water droplets blowing onto the lens filter creating points of blur within images.

Listening to – U2’s ‘With or Without You’ and ‘Point of Surrender.’

Quote to Inspire – “Success is what happens when 10,000 hours of preparation meet with one moment of opportunity.” – Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Rain – Opportunities

  1. I am hard pressed to choose from these images. #2 stands out to me a little more and sure makes that Ford look beefy. You could give us all lessons. I never get enough rain where I live to make it a challenge 😦 Namaste’

    1. Hey there, Gina:

      The second image would definitely be where I’d like to end up without the rain issue. Up here, June is the month for rain; rain will green things and rain’s spring quantities will wash away culverts on less protected and less established gravel roadways. 🙂

    1. Hey there, Jim:

      Last week’s weather at the Show and Shine was very similar to the different weathers encountered hiking or cycling at different elevations in the mountains; even there, water and drizzle does keep crowds at bay, and, while on the trail it keeps you cool, usually favourably.

      Water is everywhere this week in Alberta – flood watches in Calgary and Edmonton, parts of the Trans-Canada highway washed out … the adjustment of unseasonal rain. 100,000 people are under forced evacuation in Calgary. In Fort McMurray, they should be on the other side of flooding and onto clean-up.

      We may be the only part of the province that’s warm and dry, right now. 😉

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