What Else?

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Valleyview Bench Seats 1

Valleyview Bench Seats 1

Valleyview Bench Seats 2

Valleyview Bench Seats 2

Valleyview Bench Seats 3

Valleyview Bench Seats 3

More than a passing glance, photography has you stop and see the subject, consider context and best perspective and then expose the image. Editing takes you one further step with the image; you encounter more of what comprises the image and more of what is possible for the image in its rendering. Here, are the Valleyview bench seats again, exposed in the full morning sun of a sunny, Sunday morning. Two weeks on from the exposure, I’m seeing more of the light and shadow-play in the image. I’m coming back to it to see what else it can become. The image reveals someone’s attempt to make the bench seats something more permanent with the anchoring of the base on the right. The image has me consider the weathering of the seats through yet another winter season. And, at the time of exposure I had no idea that I would be tinting the image toward red or blue, or, that I would be working the image through in black and white.

Listening to – Johnny Cash’s rendering of “God’s Going to Cut You Down.”

Quote to Inspire – “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

5 thoughts on “What Else?

  1. Amazing compositions and I couldn’t agree more about coming back to it. Every time I see your images my mind goes to the energy of the former inhabitants of the old cars and trucks and now these seats. What conversations must have taken place. Hmmm.

    1. Hey there, Gina:

      It’s sort of interesting that the placement of these two bench seats seems almost conversational for those travellers who would make use of them to wait for a ride. And, then it has me consider city bus stops and that these seats may be extrapolation from them. You’re right, the seats do seem to call forth the traveller’s absence. An enigmatic kind of photo with building narrative … cool!

      You’ve helped me see a little more of what’s drawn me to the photo. 😉

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