Cold Sunrise – Spring

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Saskatchewan Drive - Edmonton, Alberta

Saskatchewan Drive – Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton – a cold sunrise, winter lingering on into spring, colours buildings and fog haze in muted and rich tones reminding of Russian narratives.

Bartholomew Scott Blair misses a trade show for book publishers. Boozy Barley Blair, life on a tangent, haphazardly and unwittingly finds himself in possession of serious, sobering prose; the film of this narrative takes you from Lisbon to London to Moscow and to Boris Pasternak’s grave and Dacha in which Dr. Zhivago was written. That world is presented in much the same colours as this Edmonton image. The narrative explores the rambling of Barley’s unanchored heart navigating forward recklessly in hope and unchallenged belief at a time of life when legacy is what should concern him. Barley’s life becomes entangled – verifying story source and author, working within prescribed tradecraft and pursuing relationship. That relationship and possibility change the course of this narrative – hope and promise are honoured.

This Edmonton image looking out to Saskatchewan Drive high above the North Saskatchewan River surprises me in perspective, time of year and colour. These are the familiar tones and colours and climate of my childhood and youth cycling Edmonton city streets or walking and talking with friends. Likewise Moscow’s tones, colour and climate as featured in the film of John Le Carre’s ‘Russia House’ also surprise me because they are so strikingly familiar.

Listening to – Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast.’

Quote to Inspire – “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.” ― Dorothea Lange

2 thoughts on “Cold Sunrise – Spring

    1. Hey there, LB:

      I think what’s happening is that I am shooting from a distance … it’s also possible that at 7:30 a.m. on an Easter Monday morning, very little is indeed happening … things would have been peaceful.;)

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