Midnight’s Summer Images

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Mill - High Level, Alberta

Mill – High Level, Alberta

Sod Farm - High Level, Alberta

Sod Farm – High Level, Alberta

South and east from High Level a wood mill’s burner burns sawdust. North from High Level there’s a sod farm. Both images are summer images shot very close to midnight in early July.

Listening to – my own fretting of Dave Matthew’s ‘Crash into Me.’

Quote to Inspire – “I’m left handed, have a double jointed finger, and almost lost my thumb when I was younger. I resent the fact that cameras are not made for lefties.” – Matt Stuart

4 thoughts on “Midnight’s Summer Images

    1. Hey there, Jim:

      Left-handed cameras – I was in the camera shop this past weekend and didn’t find anything close to a Lefty.

      I did find Fuji taking the lead in quality over my Canon, particularly in lens quality and being closer to what used to be the traditional Leica size. And, I was only looking at the X10 … very tempting.


      1. It’s always the same, for lefties, a compromise. I’ve always used Fuji cameras so I am biased. Even with my point and shoot at the moment, I find the quality good. The only problem is the dust that gets inside the camera and no simple way to clean the lens and ccd. I have to send it to the shop to be done, a week long trip.


      2. It’s good to read that you’re already on track with the Fuji camera quality; the lenses are supposed to be the same quality as what most movies are shot with … good quality. Perhaps you’ll be aiming at a Leica looking Fuji in your future. Good!

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