Grown-In, Intact

Cattail 1
Cattail 1
Cattail 2
Cattail 2

Summer – cattail shapes feature as photographic interest alone and in clusters. More an architectural entity, the cattails found seemed always to have their skins split and fuzzy cotton interior bursting forth. Not until August were full cylindrical (hot dog) shapes to be found, grown-in, intact, new.

Listening to – ‘Soft Place in My Heart’ by Buddy Holly & Bob Montgomery (1955, Wichitaw Falls, Texas).

Quote to Inspire – “A roll of film costs $6.00 – a roll of history is priceless.” – Anonymous

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  1. LB says:

    such cool pictures!!!

    1. Hey there, LB …

      Cattails still hold my interest and curiously make some of the best of pictures.

      Take care … 🙂

  2. redjim99 says:

    I remember walking in Somerset around the fields by following the rhynes. The air was filled with soft cotton and the light was perfect. Happy days.


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      With us, in a Boreal forest it’s usually the Aspen Poplar that provides the fuzz that hangs in the air. It sounds like you have a potential photograph if you’re thinking through Somerset with time of year and time of day … perhaps?

      Good schtuff!

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