Lingering Photos, Their Treasure

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Nampa - Grain Truck 1

Nampa – Grain Truck 1

Nampa - Grain Truck 2

Nampa – Grain Truck 2

Lingering, those photos remain, the ones I would not at first glance think of returning to – the scouting eye’s first glimpse and first understanding of subject, the first impression of subject captured through the camera lens by my eye. Editing’s go-round exposes each photo’s possibility, the ‘where’ of where the story is within the image. Editing is about exposing the story held within the visual narrative of the image. If a photograph is akin to description, editing is about drawing emphasis to that narrative. Remaining photos, those receiving their second and third glance, have yielded the treasure of narrative through editing.South from Nampa, Alberta, a June summer’s day finds this dormant grain truck now sporting an advertisement for Mike’s Sandblasting and Painting.

Listening to Klaus Schulze’s Captivity on the Magnetik album, ambient schtuff (double plus good).

Quote to Inspire – “It’s not how a photographer looks at the world that is important. It’s their intimate relationship with it.” – Antoine D’Agata

Nampa - Grain Truck 3

Nampa – Grain Truck 3

Nampa - Grain Truck 5

Nampa – Grain Truck 5

Nampa - Grain Truck 4

Nampa – Grain Truck 4

Nampa Grain Truck 6

Nampa Grain Truck 6

2 thoughts on “Lingering Photos, Their Treasure

    1. Hey there, Angeline:

      It’s something to think about … that in editing an image, through each adjustment – saturation, contrast, clarity, exposure, shadow – shapes how its story is told (description and movement through the narrative). Then, such discussion has me wonder further along this analogy to punctuation (perhaps that’s what editing is about in writing and in photography) … hmmh? Something to think about.

      Lumens 🙂

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