Between Tide’s Push and Pull

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Sundown - Parksville, Brisith Columbia

Away from Dad’s home – a July summer’s evening looking out over the water from a favourite Parksville, BC beach, a beach both our kids shared with their grandparents. Always a family destination, this beach was the place in which my son and daughter and I perfected our sand castle engineering in the hours between the tide’s push and pull of the ocean. In early morning, while everyone slept the beach was a calm, quiet destination for fretting through intricate tangles of melody and rhythms on different guitars, Celtic rhythms in 9:8 time in DADGAD tuning or the bass and rhythm riff of a Dave Matthews tune. Where are You Going and Crash in to Me are songs I first fretted at this beach.

Quote to Inspire – Photography is one big scrapbook of your Life. – Lisa Jones

Listening to: Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone

4 thoughts on “Between Tide’s Push and Pull

    1. Hey there, Jim:

      You’d get a kick out of the cloud structure that graces Edmonton between mid August and mid September; the drive anywhere between Edmonton and Calgary is spectacular at sundown.

      Take care … 🙂

  1. Such drama in that sky, such contrasts of lights and darks everywhere.
    It’s good to see you and your photos and writings again. Hope your arm heals well and speedily. ~ Lily

    1. Hello Lily:

      Winter’s look-back through photos has me seeing more of the beauty that I have witnessed … the challenge is to slow myself from the frenetic and look around; John O’Donohue uses the analogy of getting the speed down in a car to that of what’s suitable for Con Amara … ‘ down, down, down ‘; that’s one of the things photography is good for – developing sight for what’s around us and slowing our gait to Life’s pace.

      Thanks for looking in and your encouragement. Take care …. 🙂

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