Windblown Veils of Rain – Across Elliot Bay

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Veils of Rain, Elliot Bay - Seattle, Washington

Veils of Rain, Elliot Bay - Seattle, Washington

I spent most of last week on break, in and around Seattle, Washington. On Sunday, when we returned to Edmonton, my youngest brother asked me, “Why Seattle?” And, we let him know that our destination could just as easily have been New York, Cancun, San Francisco, the Utah mountains or St. John’s, Newfoundland. In any locale wherever we were our time would have been about chasing light in new and unfamiliar terrain and I could not have done any better than I have here, to look from east to west across Elliot Bay from Seattle’s Pike Place Market and to capture these windblown veils of rain as they mingle creating layers of sunlight, revealing landscape layers behind them. Seattle suits my interest because the landscape, weather and light are similar to that found on Vancouver Island where we’ve spent most of our summers with Mom and Dad, brothers, my grandparents and extended family. And, it has been years since I’ve been to Seattle with my family. In the time between visits, the nearby town of Forks, Washington has featured as location to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, a set of novels that work to establish social mores among today’s teens, something that Jane Austen was doing with her narratives – helping young adults make good decisions in their lives. While we certainly could have gone out to Forks, we didn’t. The opportunity to stay put in Seattle and chase light with camera in hand ranked equally in importance to taking in other attractions.

Listening to a genius playlist surrounding the starting song from City of Angels, Angel by Sarah McLachlan; other songs include Alanis Morrissette’s Uninvited, Sheryl Crow’s Strong Enough, Round Here by the Counting Crows and Dido’s Thank You.

Quote to Inspire – “There is only you and your camera.  The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” – Ernest Haas

18 thoughts on “Windblown Veils of Rain – Across Elliot Bay

  1. Is this photo taken through a window, or the car windscreen? I’m thinking there’s glass of some description there. It’s a very effective photo, well done!

      1. You did very well with the photo! I often find it difficult to take photos through glass as there is often glare from it. It’s hit-and-miss for me. It’s a sign of your photographic experience. 🙂

      2. Glare … you may have a bit more sun than I’m used to; but, glare shows up in many of the photos I keep and share. And, I’m usually taking more than one photo and checking to see what I get as I’m taking photos. And, in truth … like you, I’ve got my share of hit-and-miss. 🙂

  2. Living in the Puget Sound, there are so many photo ops, really. And because the sky is gray from November to April, it gives us 6 months of perfect photo taking conditions. Great picture… this scene is so familiar!

    1. Christine – we really enjoyed Puget Sound, the colour and shape and lighting of so many things; in every direction you turn something is there to see and investigate. In comparison with northernmost Alberta, Puget Sound differs in light’s intensity and hue – something I’ve noted after David Bouchard pointed it out to me a few years back. Puget Sound is indeed a visually rich part of our world. I will be back.

      Thanks for looking in on the photo and post. 🙂

    1. Hey there, Gina:

      I had suggested Arizona as one idea for last week’s Easter break; we hadn’t been in the United States for a few years. So, the choice was Seattle and Puget Sound … something we sort of new from way back when.

      Thanks for looking in and your encouragement.:)

      1. If you choose Arizona at some point to visit, just don’t do it in the summer … unless you like it hot, hot, hot.
        I love Seattle and haven’t been there in a while. Love Pike Place market. Are they still throwing fish?

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