Painterly Farm Shed – Canada’s

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Canada Flag - Shed

On the drive northward to Peace River from Edmonton, a few kilometres past the turnoff east to MacLennan and High Prairie you’ll find these grain bins and shed on the west side of the road, something unexpected, something to cause you to look into your surroundings, something that could perhaps have been a Canada day project – painting a farm shed with the Canadian flag … for all to see. The shed and grain bins serve as landmark along this road, visually positioning people who travel on it in terms of hours north towards Peace River and minutes before you’ll reach the valley of the Little Smoky River as you head south toward Valleyview.

This image is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) shot created using the camera’s Automatic Exposure Bracketing to fuse three exposures (one darker, one average and one lighter image) of the same shot together into a single image; the intent in creating the shot is to produce greater accuracy and to expose a broader range of what the eye sees naturally in terms of light and shadow. The image is toned mapped, yielding a moody, painterly feel to its rendering. Beyond this, the image seems to emphasize true geometric angles and does not really show much for backdrop but the sky  … it sort of seems like you’re on top of the world … but that’s a few miles north, up where I live.

Listening to – Coming Down from Martyn Joseph’s Vegas album; there’s been U2’s Fez – Being Born and David Gray’s We’re Not Right from the White Ladder album.  Then it’s been Minor Swing from the Chocolat soundtrack.

Quotes to Inspire – (1) “I can look at a fine art photograph and sometimes I can hear music.” – Ansel Adams.  (2) “When people ask what equipment I use – I tell them, my eyes.” – Anonymous.

15 thoughts on “Painterly Farm Shed – Canada’s

    1. Hello again …

      You’ve kind words of encouragement … thank you for looking in on the Painterly Farm Shed – Canada’s.

      Your hummingbird – I am impressed with yesterday’s final shot of sun streaking through/from the eyes of your metal-wrought hummingbird. There may be extrapolation to take from the paradox of eyes usually receiving light to their dispersing it … perhaps along the lines of the dabbling among many things that a hummingbird does. The possibility of making meaning is there. I like it.

    1. Hey there, Maralee:

      Thank you for looking in on In My Back Pocket – Photography blog and on the Painterly Farm Shed – Canada’s; thank you, as well for your kind words.

      Your ‘ThroughMyLens365’ blog captivates, particularly with your macro shots – my next lens purchase will be a macro lens; with your photos, I am impressed with the detail you’re capturing with textures, colour and background blur. Good, good schtuff!

      Take care …

    1. Hi Jennifer:

      Thank you for your kind words. The photo has connected with you, too … its warmth, age and colour. If I am right, some of the photographs you’ve posted are of Canada … it’s great to know that Canada has friends and fans. Cool!

      Take care,

    1. Hey there, Francis:

      It sure is good to read that you know these buildings and can connect to them, too. I’ve been in this region since 1991. Would you have seen these buildings and their Canadian flag before that? I wonder how long the buildings have been a landmark?

      Thanks for looking in on the image.

      Cheers! 🙂

      1. Travelling to Dawson City – that’s something I’m meaning to do one day; those would be long jaunts you’d be taking … possibly a three or four day trek? No doubt you’d see an ever-changing, extremely interesting unraveling landscape. I’m going to have to start thinking this through. 🙂

    1. Hi Mona:

      Thank you for stopping in and for your encouragement.

      If you’re an iPad user you can download magazines through the zinio app. A magazine that explains this well that is available through zinio is PHotoPlus for Canon camera photographers; they have a sister magazine for Nikon users, as well. Beyond this, there’s a podcast that references HDR photography and software called Shuttertime with Sid and Mac.

      If there are enough people who’d like to know how it all works I could put together a post detailing steps and software etc..

      What software are you using to edit photos?

      1. I use Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. No iPad, just and aging MacBook (but it still works). I will check into that podcast. Thanks.

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