An Air-nailer, Yellowknife Narrows and Camera Walk

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Float Plane - Yellowknife, NT Canada iv

Float Plane – Yellowknife, NT Canada iv

Float Plane - Yellowknife, NT Canada iii

Float Plane – Yellowknife, NT Canada iii

Float Plane - Yellowknife, NT Canada ii

Float Plane – Yellowknife, NT Canada ii

Yellowknife Float Planes - The Narrows, Yellowknife WW Photo Walk - 3 Oct 2015

Yellowknife Float Planes – The Narrows, Yellowknife WW Photo Walk – 3 Oct 2015

The Narrows - Yellowknife WW Photo Walk 3 Oct 2015

The Narrows – Yellowknife WW Photo Walk 3 Oct 2015

I had wanted to be a photographer-participant in the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk in each of the last three years. The eighth, annual Kelby Photo Walk would be held around the globe last Saturday – October 3, 2015. Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Edson, and Jasper – all in previous years had photo walks that I could potentially get to. Key in such consideration was locating myself at the photo walk site with time enough for solid rest so that I could see that corner of the world with fresh eyes.

Coming to last weekend, two photo walks intrigued me. One would be held in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories and another would be held in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The Fort Smith photo walk would begin quite early to catch the morning golden hour of dusk to sunrise and then to full morning – I’d need to be there quite early. The Yellowknife photo walk would start at 5:30 p.m.; but, I would need to be up and on the road quite early on Saturday to make it to the walk site. Going did not look promising because I would need seven hours to get there. But, happenstance prevailed. A group of roofers began nailing shingles to a neighbor’s roof early on Saturday morning; starting at 8:00 a.m. they began banging in nails with an air-nailer. I got out of bed, got a coffee and looked at the photo walk website and to the Yellowknife photo walk. I also got clear on the number of kilometres I would travel in order to be part of this event. My wife came downstairs and asked me about my Saturday and saw that I was looking at the photo walk. She got me going out the door and on my way.

I arrived in Yellowknife with forty-five minutes to spare, got a hotel room at the Explorer Hotel, showered and registered for the walk using my smartphone. I punched into my GPS the walk starting point – 3513 Ingraham Drive, Yellowknife (the parking lot at the base of Pilot’s Monument) and five minutes later I was at the site. Ten minutes after that I met the Walkers of our Yellowknife photo walk group, we counted thirteen.

The image presented here is my submission to the photo walk website – a float plane in the Narrows separating Yellowknife proper from Rock Island. My gratitude goes out to this photo walk group for their camaraderie, their welcome, their interest in photography and for how each photographer has worked photography into their lives. Good, good schtuff!

Quote to Consider – “Of course, there will always be those who look only at technique, who ask ‘how,’ while others of a more curious nature will ask ‘why.’ Personally, I have always preferred inspiration to information.” – Man Ray … sounds like a key attribute of this photo walk group.

Listening to – New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give;” seems almost to have a Mick Jagger kind of voicing to the song; a student of mine has me fretting this song with him … we’re both learning it.

2 thoughts on “An Air-nailer, Yellowknife Narrows and Camera Walk

  1. Hey There,
    Love the idea of the photo walks, I’ve joined an on-line community in my area but haven’t met any of them yet. I think my preference from this set is iv and v, maybe v edging it for the openness and linear look of the whole. I’m still getting used to my Pentax DSLR, trying new things and seeing how to stretch myself and it. Getting back to more manual control. With that I got from ebay a 75/150mm manual lens, and have to set the camera to use it. An interesting way to force me to look at the details of Aperture, iso, and shutter. All the better because the lens only cost £6:00. Happy days. Busy times but I hope to get back on my blog soon.


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      Enjoyed the images of the Tough Mudder challenge – well done, Sir.

      An online photo-community intrigues; it may be something to get going, here … a shooting group with outings (photo walks) and times for review of the group’s photographs in a group social (perhaps it could be a forum for professional photographers to present in).

      Your Pentax DSLR and you are making headway – sorting through what happens when you adjust ISO, Aperture (light) and Shutter Speed. It’s an extraordinary thing that eBay allows the purchase of equipment at less than a fraction of the original price.

      If you have time for podcasts (perhaps for long drives), I can recommend one called ‘The Candid Frame,’ with Ibarionex Perello … more something to listen to for the thought processes of professional photographers.

      Also, enjoying your blog’s header photograph – trekking among mountain crags in mist with pals and following the trail forward; black and white towards sepia adds to the idea of work on one hand and to memory on the other. Good, good.

      Take care … 😉

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