Mountain Rendering

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Mountains - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 1

Mountains - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 2

Mountains – Jasper, Alberta – Canada 2

Mountains - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 3

Mountains – Jasper, Alberta – Canada 3

Mountains - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 4

Mountains – Jasper, Alberta – Canada 4

The weekend has held exploration of how best to edit and present mountain images; two methods for high dynamic range (HDR) rendering have been worked through. Then, it’s been about colour, light and shadow using Topaz software, Nik Software and adjusting clarity, exposure, vibrance and saturation in Adobe Lightroom. My LaCie 3TB external hard drive has informed me it is low on space during a 30GB edit of graduation photos – different solutions and possibilities are there; I’m in favour of not losing edits. So, it’s a matter of attaching a fourth external hard drive tonight.

Listening to – Sarah McLachlin’s ‘Blue’ with lyrics that begin with … “Songs are like tattoos …;” a cool idea, spurred on by Cezanne Jardin in her blog (quite something on a Sunday having been to church and hymns often express heart belief); then it’s on to a favourite tune, ‘Drawn to the Rhythm.’

Quote to Consider – “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

2 thoughts on “Mountain Rendering

    1. Hey there, Laurie:

      Four guys I get together with throughout the year ride motorcycles; one has done a ride from where we are through the Rockies and into California and back. A couple of times through our blogs you’ve posted about riding out our way. You would really enjoy a motorcycle trek on the Jasper-Banff Highway and more.

      Anyway … enjoy your day. 😉

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