May 24, 2015
Lumens Borealis


Downtime Edits

Controlled Burn - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 1

Controlled Burn – Jasper, Alberta – Canada 1

Controlled Burn - Jasper, Alberta - Canada 2

Controlled Burn – Jasper, Alberta – Canada 2

Infrared - Jasper National Park, Canada

Infrared – Jasper National Park, Canada

Jasper Park Lodge - Jasper, Alberta - Canada

Jasper Park Lodge – Jasper, Alberta – Canada

Pyramid Lake HDR - Jasper, Alberta - Canada

Pyramid Lake HDR – Jasper, Alberta – Canada

The week’s end and our weekend have each held several endeavors, ones that have engaged me fully and used my mind and imagination fully. And, I’ve found that a mild cold has morphed into a productive cough and that I now have a prescription for antibiotics to see through to move me clear and past sickness. When I’ve been able to I’ve sat down with time for editing images, for looking through former results and for reviewing other’s image work. Our time in Jasper National Park in April, 2015 has been source for many of these edits. Have a look.

Listening to – Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians’ ‘What I Am,’ Concrete Blonde’s ‘Joey,’ Alanis Morisette’s ‘You Learn,’ The Dream Academy’s ‘Life in a Northern Town’ and U2’s ‘In God’s Country.’

Quote to Consider – “To me, photography is the art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place … I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt

13 thoughts on “Downtime Edits

  1. Great images and I hope you begin to feel better.

    • Hey there, Tim:

      Taiwan – your images help to lessen the perception of difference and do much to draw the viewer into what’s happening in each image; in your photos, as an educator, I see kids being kids and their use of all the same technology that any student would have in our school. Will you be posting more? When you’d first mentioned 25 days away, I’d also wondered about travel and how it was managed. You and your wife have been immersed in this culture and in many ways it likely feels like a return to home. Many questions intrigue, here. But, your photos help navigate my curiosity. Good.

      Thanks for your encouragement and well-wishes; antibiotics are at play and I’ll be on the mend soon.

      Take care … 😉

      • Thank you for your lengthy comments and I’m sorry it took so long to reply – too busy and I want to say more than thank you. We have been immersed in the Taiwanese culture and I’d like to think we have a handle on it but surprises continue – some delightful and others frustrating. Travel is quite easy in Taiwan as so many people speak some English and at first a phrase/dictionary helped significantly. One of the joys of being in Taiwan is the delightful nature and helpfulness of the Taiwanese toward Americans. If you would like to learn more about my wife’s activity, please click on or for a much older and not updated web
        Thanks again.

      • Hey there, Tim:

        Thank you. Travel and managing travel and what to anticipate have been on my mind as I look toward summer – there’s homework to do. I will have a look into your wife’s blog and . I’ll watch for what you post next.

        Take care … 😉

  2. Jasper Park Lodge – is this photo edited? It’s so nice, how did you take this?

    • Good morning …

      The photo is a High Dynamic Range (HDR) shot that merges three exposures into one; landscape and mountain photographer, Ansel Adams, would takes as many as eleven exposures and merge them into one (albeit through a different process). The HDR image allows for a wider range of what is seen, something more of what our human eye can see. If you’re aiming to try an HDR, you’ll need a tripod to help with the accuracy/steadiness of the image capture; and, you’ll need to work with Automatic Exposure Bracketing (this allows the three shots to be taken in succession, one shot darker, one average and one lighter; in photographic terms 2 steps down, average or zero, and 2 steps up); some Nikon DSLR cameras have the ability to take as many as eleven or thirteen exposures for HDR merge. In terms of editing of this image, contrast has been adjusted slightly and structure/sharpness has been increased selectively in the image. Finally, saturation level has been found … the blue of the sky is more aqua than a neutral or natural blue; but, photography is about problem solving as far along as you can take it … like a good poem, the photograph is more abandoned than finished.

      Take care … 😉

      • Oh My, this comment made my day. Too much terms to handle let me absorb them all. Thank you though, I’ve a new term HDR for today. I think Nikon’s going to be my first DSLR someday, thanks

  3. Great photos. Thanks for the follow on my travel blog. I’m going to enjoy yours too.

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