Treed Hallway

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Walterdale House Green - Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

Walterdale House Green – Edmonton, Alberta – Canada

Southward, under Edmonton’s 105th Street bridge, just steps to its west are three sturdy houses from Edmonton’s early nineteen hundreds, houses that comprised what was then known as Walterdale. Each is a two storey structure; two are white and another that has become subject for this image is more ornate in its presentation – white or cream on teal or perhaps a turquoise green. An image from memory coaxes me along this early morning photo ramble – an autumnal scene, a photo of my father’s in which he’s framed one of the white Walterdale houses with fall yellows of birch and aspen along a treed path, an open-ended hallway opening out and arriving at that white house. That photo hangs downstairs, on a wall outside my study where it can receive morning sunlight on sunlit days. Until this photograph, I had not set foot in Walterdale for perhaps thirty years.

Colour, composition and lighting attract me to this image.

Listening to – Marco Beltrami & The Giver Cast perform ‘End Credits’ to ‘The Giver (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack);’ it’s also a piece my daughter is playing on our Heintzman piano (it’s just been tuned … good); I’ve been playing Casting Crowns’ ‘Broken Together’ on it last night – something beautiful.

Quote to Inspire – “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” – Robert Capa

5 thoughts on “Treed Hallway

    1. Hey there, Laurie:

      The colours … what is curiously attracting, here, is that the house I grew up in in Edmonton, a fifties or early sixties split-level, was adorned with very similar colour. The night’s lighting of this house first caught my eye and then in editing two weeks later I find that I am more struck by its colour and my response to it. I’m still thinking this image through for what draws me and for what I might do differently. Perhaps, it’s the iconic nature of the house in terms of shape for what it conveys about when it would have been built and/or lived in. My mother would have grown up in an Edmonton home very much like this one. I would love to take a workshop/course that deals with the way we process photographic images for their impact on memory and our emotional response to visual articulation and our total response to colour.

      Have you been to Nova Scotia and encountered ‘Just Us’ coffee?

      Take care … 😉

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