From Under, Looking Up

Canon Camera, Canon Live View, Flora, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Journaling, Light Intensity, Night, Photography & Conceptualizing Beauty, Weather, Winter
High Level Bridge - HDR 1a

High Level Bridge – HDR 1a

High Level Bridge - HDR 2a

High Level Bridge – HDR 2a

High Level Bridge - HDR 2b

High Level Bridge – HDR 2b

High Level Bridge - HDR 2c

High Level Bridge – HDR 2c

Away from home, an early hour when wife and daughter sleep, I am away from our hotel, outside in Edmonton (home of my youth) and under the High Level Bridge looking up at angles of grid iron, iron work – liking this image as edited. The second image (with different versions) shifts northward in view, again from under the bridge, looking across the North Saskatchewan River to our Alberta Legislature, built on the historical site of Fort Edmonton.

Listening to – Dan Mangan and Jesse Zubot’s ‘Cumulonimbus (Newport, 63) and Parov Stelar’s ‘Room Service.’

Quote to Inspire – “I never question what to do, it tells me what to do. The photographs make themselves with my help.” – Ruth Berland

9 thoughts on “From Under, Looking Up

  1. I’m leaning towards the metallic 2c. The not quite B&W look, busy times for us here, work at home on the house and with our business. Trying to juggle timelines for different projects and still have time for family and friends as well as down time that is so important to me as it keeps me on an even keel.

    Looks very peaceful there at that time of the morning. I always enjoyed doing guard patrols around our airbase in the quiet morning shifts, a different kind of reality exists. Something that lifts you away from the humdrum.

    Nice pictures.


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      I have wondered if you might be in the midst of a few projects. It’s good to read that you’re aiming to manage timelines toward best pursuits and outcomes for you, family and friends. Work on a house – that’s something to manage for anyone; hoping all goes well toward what you have envisioned. Downtime counts … withdrawal from the hectic rush and the urgency of now. But, it is something good to move toward a project that you set.

      Morning, and early morning – Edmonton owns perhaps one hundred kilometres of bike trails, some of which run through each side of this river valley alongside the North Saskatchewan River. Summer mornings were spent cycling here; each ride was peaceful and it is true that a different kind of reality does exist, something far removed from city freneticism – quiet, yet active in solitude toward morning dusk – always something special.

      The metallic 2c does work more than the saturated images. But, for me, in this set, I’m liking the angles and textures of the first image looking up to Edmonton’s High Level Bridge.

      Take care … 😉

    1. Hey there, Laurie:

      I’m liking your images of Keswick Hall. It looks like the kind of place that works to make a home for you away from home – the care of inclusion may be the ultimate welcome. And, then, to share time with a dear friend who knows you through all your years and the opportunity to catch-up and be present together. Good, good schtuff! You have one image of the stairway foreground and the windowed hallway/sitting area (background) – I’m liking the light from the windows there. You have another image looking from coffee cup out a window to winter’s snow blanket over meadows/fields; this one reminds me of a scene from Dead Poets Society and the message in that moment is embrace life – the narrative of a former time, inspiring me even now.

      I’m liking that image of the High Level Bridge, too … perspective, angles, textures and immensity.

      Take good care of your good self, Laurie (and that good friend of yours). 😉

      1. Thank you for sharing your reminder of Dead Poet’s Society, one of my favorite movies. I do enjoy your comments. It would be fun to have a chat over coffee someday. For now, we’ll stick with virtual coffee 🙂

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