Her Garden

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Utah Flower 1

Utah Flower 1

Utah Flower 2

Utah Flower 2

In my life time, I have been witness to my mother’s gardens. She had three successive gardens, one in Edmonton, another in Brampton and her final garden in Qualicum Beach. Her gardens were always something to take in. Her garden would contain trees and flowers and shrubs, and, through the seasons there would be the colour of active and full Life and there would be the wither of desaturation found in dormancy. Through the year, my mother would research plants she’d like to grow and then take them on in her garden. This summer, our first scouting drive into Utah put us on the road for six hours doing a large loop of the southeastern part of the state. We found these flowers, plants very similar to some my mother had in her garden and occasionally would have in a vase on her dining room table.

Listening to – U2’s ‘California (There is No End to Love)’ … it starts out recalling the Beach Boys’ tune, ‘Barbara Ann’ … “Bar, Bar, Barbara, Santa Barbara.”

Quote to Consider – “For photographers there is, finally no difference – no greater aesthetic advantage – between the effort to embellish the world and the counter-effort to rip off its mask.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

9 thoughts on “Her Garden

    1. Hey there …

      Thank you for dropping by and for your encouraging words … you’ve an image of an umbrella at the beach that holds well in my imagination. Summer.

      Is Autumn’s colour and shape and atmosphere where you are something extraordinary, too? I’ll be looking. An American literature professor has me anticipating the first crunch of snow underfoot – that sort of creak of snow as you walk through it. And, we’re gearing up for the Aurora Borealis which will be coming through substantially between October and November.

      Take care … 😉

      1. Thank you for your kind words! (You wouldn’t believe my original of that image– there were people EVERWHERE!!)

        Where I live, we don’t experience the beauty of changing leaves or snow in the way many people do– but we have our share of “Fall” and “Winter” … I’m not sure what I would do if I were ever snowed-in. (lol)

        I am fortunate enough to have a family vacation home in North Carolina where I can get my fill of colder temps. The Aurora Borealis … AMAZING! Are you planning pics?

      2. The umbrella photo must, then, have been an achievement in taking it from capture to edit – Good!

        Snowed-in – that happens up here and we have cold days when students stay home -40 C; we also get blasts of freezing rain leaving roads and side roads as skating rinks – school buses don’t travel on such days. Aurora Borealis – we have a recipe for capturing the aurora; it’s best to be using RAW and then there’s shutter time, ISO and aperture to figure; Twitter has aurora alerts so you can identify better opportunities to find and capture the aurora. I’ve got some friends who’ll be wanting to capture the aurora this winter, so we’ll be out. I’ve another friend who wants me to edit pictures of the aurora for him. The Cree first nation believes that the aurora to be their departed ones who in being visible share time with their earth-bound families; for them, you never whistle at the aurora because the departed might take you away – whistling and sound can influence the aurora’s movement. I have had them very bright and colourful and no more than 40 feet above me at very cold temperatures.

        So, I will be watching the Aurora Borealis twitter feed that can identify when solar flares influence and cause the aurora.

        Take care … 😉

    1. Hey Jim:

      Try the audio of Susan Sontag’s book, ‘On Photography.’ As an essayist you’ll find Sontag compressing many, many poignant ideas about photography. It’s easier to handle it in small doses. 😉

  1. Hello… Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you found something that blessed you. I will be sharing soon on some more dreams, visions and things I sense the Lord speak to me in quiet times. You also keep up this great work! 🙂 have a great day!

    1. Hey there, Lisette:

      I’m a fan of journaling and of the revelation that comes as words are used to articulate the facts of experience and then to see what was also at play through a time or situation or event – the blessing may be that you also journal.

      I’ll look in on your blog soon. Take care. 😉

      1. Yes, Lumens… Thats all I blog about. The whole blog was started to share what the Lord speaks through my journaling time, but also dreams and visions I have had. I love it. We’ll keep sharing together.

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