Crazy Love

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Tizate Manhole Cover - Tizate, Guatemala

Tizate Manhole Cover – Tizate, Guatemala

A creative manhole cover in Tizate, Guatemala; liking the colour, shapes and texture within the image. The image reminds of U2’s ‘Love Comes to Town’ with BB King.

Quote to Inspire – “Photography inevitably entails a certain patronizing of reality. From being ‘out there’ the world comes ‘inside’ photographs.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

Listening to – Switchfoot’s ‘Ba55’.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Love

    1. Street art – definitely – and more than you know … a third world village taking care to represent, and to represent Love.

      Without words, an elder, lean and wizened, wearing a straw cowboy hat and one familiar with Life lived close to the earth under/with God’s blessing gave me a sermon in gestures … until I could indicate back to him that God is indeed in charge and that I needed to respect that fact, even if I would travel home to a country with a substantial safety net.

      Love came to town; this town – Tizate. 🙂

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