Chrome Brightening

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Mercury 155 Grain Truck - Manning, Alberta

Mercury 155 Grain Truck – Manning, Alberta

Years on, chrome lines and badging still highlight and brighten detail work on an early fifties Mercury M-155 grain truck at the Manning Pioneer Museum in Manning, Alberta.

Listening to: my daughter skillfully work Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ on our piano upstairs.

Quote to Inspire – “It’s not how a photographer looks at the world that is important. It’s their intimate relationship with it.” – Antoine D’Agata

5 thoughts on “Chrome Brightening

    1. Hey there, Gina:

      I hope the image came through well. It is quite a dark image.

      My daughter is enjoying puzzling through Adele’s song towards a confident and masterful rendering.

      I had a look through your images last night and was captivated by your ‘White on White’ flowers – very well done … detail and subtlety.

      Good schtuff!

      1. Tell her Brava! for me 🙂 And thanks for the compliment on my white on white. I did that with a bounce flash against a white backdrop. Took many tries to get what I wanted but I like the end result, too. It’s the one that is most purchased.

        Take good care. Keep shooting! Photos, that is 🙂

  1. cool shot! and I thank you for your explanation about HDR … especially because you did it such a way that I understood (most of it 🙂 )

    1. You have me thinking that I should investigate my Kelby Training subscription for HDR seminars/instruction. Glad to read you’ve made some sense of the core components of HDR.

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