Prop, Actor & Old School

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Camaro Transformed - High Level, Alberta

Camaro Transformed – High Level, Alberta

Camaro (Old School) - High Level, Alberta

Camaro (Old School) – High Level, Alberta

585 brake horsepower in a Chevrolet, a car with less weight than a half-ton truck, a car engineered to hold the road at high speed and while cornering creatively, a car Chevrolet distinguishes with notoriety by allowing it to become prop and actor within a movie – The Transformers. This year-old Camaro SS takes a spot on Northstar Chrysler’s lot two vehicles down from its old school predecessor, the original Camaro SS from almost fifty years ago, Chevrolet’s second sports car after the Corvette, a vehicle powered by a 350 ci V8, a car my son and I have ridden in, a car my cousin has owned.

Listening to – Robbie Robertson’s ‘Shine Your Light,’ The Perisher’s ‘Trouble Sleeping,’ and U2’s ‘Crumbs from Your Table.’

Quote to Inspire – “A photograph is the pause button on life.” – Ty Holland

2 thoughts on “Prop, Actor & Old School

    1. Hey there, Allie …

      Thanks for looking in … definitely enjoyed the sight of Miss Bella and being able to create the photograph … now it’s about contending with the fact that though a little younger than me, she will be fifty years old soon – another perspective on the passage of time. Hmmh …? 😉

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