Spring – Colour & Possibility

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Daisy ... or Daisy-Look-a-like

Daisy … or Daisy-Look-a-like

A daisy with its greens, whites and yellows reminds of spring’s colour and possibility … days away. Gratitude – thank you to all who have looked-in on ‘In My Back Pocket – Photography,’ today. Engaging in dialogue about each visual narrative and accentuating the narrative found within images has been a real treat.

Listening to – my daughter points me toward Ed Sheeran’s ‘The a Team,’ Jack Johnson’s ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing,’ and Lenka’s ‘Everything At Once.’

Quote to Inspire – “Everything shifts as you move, and different things come into focus at different points of your life, and you try to articulate that.” Chris Steele – Perkins

7 thoughts on “Spring – Colour & Possibility

    1. Hey there:

      It will certainly be an important shift, moving from winter through a substantial thaw into the greenery of spring. And, it will be something to explore further what can be revealed with my macro lens. The thaw, as it transforms snow to water to condensation usually provides abundance of reflection.

      To be outside looking at the world with less restriction will be something.

      Take care … 🙂

  1. Cold wind and damp air, with the threat of snow inland here in the SW of England. Blustery winter shaking his coat off for the spring thaw I hope.


    1. The Woodland Cree note that winter’s thaw produces an accompanying thaw of inhibition. Things that should never be shared can, at times, bubble forth to expression … before our editing minds catch them and exercise restraint. The road into spring can be a rocky (perhaps tempestuous) one. 😉

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