Shandy & Molson Signage

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Molson signage, atop the former, now derelict Edmonton Molson brewing plant anchors Edmonton to a nostalgic, retro-feel of former days. Next door is the former Crosstown Motors’ Dodge Chrysler dealership site. Blocks away from Edmonton’s Waterloo Mercury dealership on 107th Avenue and 114th Street, the Molson Brewery site is perhaps most appropriately considered part of Edmonton’s Oliver community. Beer was made here, and through each year brewer after brewer was bought out by the larger Molson corporation, each good beer being subsumed into Molson’s menu of beer. The Molson building and brewery site is now in the process of being dismantled. It’s in the way of what now could be. There’s a great gash in the earth in front of the brewery building – what had been basement to a portion of the brewing site is being removed. The older, more aesthetically pleasing portion of the building still remains, behind chain-link fence. Architecturally, this regal, ornate building dates back to the 1920’s or thirties … perhaps the forties. Design, texture and colour all comprise what the building is about … but you do have to look around to see what is there.

I’m reminded of a summer, two years back and of combining a quality ginger beer with a dark lager, making something Dad called a Shandy for Dad and I – a couple of good, summer sips.

Listening to – You Can’t Buy Shoes in a Painting, by Jill Osier (read by Eliza Foss from on CKUA.

Quote to Inspire – “A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a person’s life that reveal greater truths.” – Anonymous

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