Walking the Scene Glimpsed

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Close to Jasper - Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Close to Jasper – Jasper, Alberta, Canada

The matter of looking around for potential images often happens when I am driving. And, the real work of the photograph is that of stopping my vehicle, safely, and walking the scene to determine best point of view. You need to find what it was that you glimpsed while driving. In winter this might mean walking through varying depths of snow and shooting as snow falls. In summer as this photograph demanded it means descending the river bank to find the right point to capture the image. Having a good look around and doing so through the camera lens prior to the shot help one to find the best shot.

Quote to Inspire – “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” – Ansel Adams

Listening to – Tim Reynolds’ fretting Betrayal, a song first heard in concert with Dave Matthews.

3 thoughts on “Walking the Scene Glimpsed

    1. The Canadian Rockies an are indeed, beautiful – a feast for one’s eyes. As a former Montrealer, I do hope you have had or will have the opportunity to make your way west through these mountains. They are beautiful at any time of year. Now, it’s snow and ice and light … beautiful stuff.

      Thanks for looking in … take care, 🙂

      1. My father is from the West Coast so I grew up visiting the mountains around the Fraser Valley, and now I go to the cities to visit friends. I paid a couple visits to Whistler last year, once in the summer for hiking. The scenery was unreal. I’ve only posted one shot from that trip but I see that you’ve already ‘liked’ it! Thank you! Happy snapping.

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