Tunes – Lunch Break

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Sunset & Plant - Fort Vermilion Turnoff, Fort Vermilion, Alberta

Sunset & Plant – Fort Vermilion Turnoff, Fort Vermilion, Alberta

On lunch break between summer tasks, I play tunes my daughter has had us download in iTunes – Smash Mouth songs, Megan & Liz songs and songs from the Glee Cast. She’s had me track down the original of The Zombies – She’s Not There, a song sung on Glee. Another song from the Glee repertoire is Tears for Fears’ Mad World; we find the Michael Andrews and Gary Jules version of the song that encapsulates the theme within the Donnie Darko movie; it contains a straightforward set of lyrics about Life’s absurdity in being there but not there, almost a ghost within a world where you can be seen but not known, recognized but not affirmed, speak but not be understood. Our listen through with iTunes two nights back brought out several songs by The Who which we download – Won’t Get Fooled Again, I Can See For Miles, Behind Blue Eyes, My Generation, Pinball Wizard and Baba O’Riley. My daughter recognizes Pinball Wizard, a song she’s heard, and I wonder where she would have heard it – questions to ask.  For now she’s happy to have our downloads and to have the songs loaded on her iPod.

One lingering photo is this, taken at sunset, a plant with maroon and gold stem and shoots; it sways in the breeze as I try a macro shot. I’m liking the colours despite its movement.

Quote to Inspire – “No, the camera can’t steal the soul.  But it can occasionally hold it hostage.” – author unknown

Listening to – The Who andMy Generation.  Also listening to Smash Mouth’s Walkin’ on the Sun and All Star.

10 thoughts on “Tunes – Lunch Break

    1. Hey there,

      It’s cool to read of this post’s re-blogging! We’re definitely within the MacKenzie region’s best of seasons.

      Definitely make it to Northwestern Alberta and further north if you can; I’m aiming to get up to Yellowknife from here … one of these days.

      Take care, … 🙂

  1. This is beautiful… Do you have other recent posts? I thought I saw something then they vanished… Maybe a sidebar of recent posts would be lovely… Sorry if I missed something. Great blog .:-)

    1. Good morning, Elizabeth:

      Thank you for looking in, for your kind words and for what you’re doing with your Mirth and Motivation blog; there, you’ve had me consider that Kismet can be an encapsulating idea/purpose for one’s blog … cool schtuff. Recent posts – I am behind; summer’s busyness with projects has come between me and my camera. While ‘In My Back Pocket – Photography’ is a photo-a-day blog value is gained in withdrawal from practice and allows for consideration of what I want to photograph … what’s next and my never-dones. Other considerations – a laptop may permit editing and posting nearer or at location/local. We’ll see.

      I’ll be posting soon.

      Take care,:)

    1. Hey there, Russell:

      You remind me that one feature of camping-out is the out-trip, the matter of getting out of the house, beyond the community and into a foreign environment to see and explore with only a tarp for shelter. Perhaps, by way of metaphor, I’ve been getting my campsite ready for future out-trips.

      With summer’s warmth has come summer’s work. Project after project around the home was completed until it was time to get away. And, in getting to Edmonton, there was more to do and no real time for work with my camera. I did have Vistek scrub my Canon 60D’s camera sensor after July’s wildfire photography with dust/smoke in the air. Beyond getting my son set up for University, a family reunion was part of the summer’s activities; there, I worked with my brother’s Canon 7D, helping photograph us all … and that ‘us all’ included relations to be met for the first time from Canada’s Maritimes and Albertans I may not have seen in a decade or more.

      With regard to photos and posting I’ve been considering a laptop purchase so that I would be able to edit and post while away from home; I’m working through how to justify the expense as it seems that a desktop computer will always be much more powerful than a laptop. So, there’s a quandary with how best to manage photos, editing and posting while on the road (something I think I would enjoy).

      My second foray into August photography was at Canada’s Elk Island National Park (east of Edmonton, Alberta), really my first set of photos beyond this summer’s wildfire. Sidney Blake from Shutter Time with Sid and Mac inspired me toward this endeavor with her delight in wildlife photography. Last Saturday I enjoyed eight hours photographing bison.

      Everything is okay. Photography, writing and posting photos is something I enjoy. And, I do enjoy the camaraderie among us all in posting, photographing, commenting and pushing our photography to the next step. It’s good.

      Take care, … I’ll be posting soon. 🙂

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