Coloured Desaturation

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Autumn's Desaturation - Rycroft, Alberta 1

Autumn’s Desaturation – Rycroft, Alberta 1

Autumn's Desaturation - Rycroft, Alberta 2

Autumn’s Desaturation – Rycroft, Alberta 2

Desaturation -St. Louis Mission - Buttertown, Alberta 1

Desaturation -St. Louis Mission – Buttertown, Alberta 1

Desaturation -St. Louis Mission - Buttertown, Alberta 2

Desaturation -St. Louis Mission – Buttertown, Alberta 2

Looking through this past month’s photos the desaturation of the earth’s foliage draws my eye, Life ebbing away or perhaps about to draw into dormancy under the covers with snow’s blanket. Fields have been shorn, leaving behind uniform lines of a seed drill’s patterned press of seeds into the earth. Great expanses of field hold round bales, some already positioned for feeding cattle, deer, elk and bison. These photos present the colour of a month ago and the desaturation witnessed only a week ago. The desire to be on the land as I was as a youth is there.

Quote to Inspire – “But when viewed in their new context, the museum, or gallery, photographs cease to be ‘about’ their subjects in the same direct or primary way; they become studies in the possibilities of photography.” – Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

Listening to – Sarah Masen’s rendition of an old Supertramp song – ‘Give a Little Bit.’

4 thoughts on “Coloured Desaturation

  1. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures of our planet & home, called “Earth”. They inspire me to remember verses like Jeremiah 10:10,12 “He is the living God … He is the maker of the earth by his power, The One who established the productive land by his wisdom.” Your pictures reflect the magnificent & powerful work of our Grand Creator. ~ PJF

    1. Hey there, Jean:

      Thank you for pointing me to this passage – in Eugene Peterson’s ‘The Message,’ the words come across this way (perhaps for the photographer, among others) in addition to contrasting the Creator with false deities.

      But God is the real thing—
      the living God, the eternal King.
      When he’s angry, Earth shakes …
      … it is God whose power made the earth,
      whose wisdom gave shape to the world,
      who crafted the cosmos.
      He thunders, and rain pours down.
      He sends the clouds soaring.
      He embellishes the storm with lightnings, launches wind from his warehouse.

      The last line’s ’embellishes’ sounds like He knew that photographers would look around and edit to find creation’s essence.

      Thanks for looking in – and enjoying creation’s autumn colour.

      Take care. 😉

  2. As the season turns here in the UK, colours come and go. I like photo 1, that clear cold light across the landscape. I think the next time I’ll be out will be December, but I’m getting the chance to write so that’s good. I hope to get a new camera next year, in the sales, and expand what I can do with my images.


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      I like photo 1 as well. I had intended it for a focus-stacked merge of images; but, in working through the longer project of editing four-hundred images and producing an Animoto slideshow, the time associated with the internet processing side of the endeavor provoked this edit. I’m still considering the software I might use for focus-stacking. The June 2014 PhotoPlus Canon magazine has a focus-stacking article.

      With your Coffin Road out-trip, Dartmoor and this season’s turning you have me considering what the moors might be like at this time of year; will they have some of this same cold light or will it tend toward a wet and bleak scene. Thrushcross Grange, a Mr. Lockwood as new tenant, and a second visit to Wuthering Heights – reminiscence of a Bronte novel … and my curiosity. MacBeth should also begin in this season, I think, but should be a much more northern landscape.

      A new camera on the horizon – you’re taking a next step, for what can unfold in your photography. Canon’s 700D is what we just purchased for an alternate student-use camera at school. I’m wondering if you might find a Canon 60D new … if so, there should be a couple of kit lens options – either the 18-55mm by itself or included with a 55-250mm.

      I’m wondering if prose will be your writing endeavor until you’re out in December. I’ll be looking in.;)

      Take care …

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