Curious, Unique

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Utah Landscape

Utah Landscape

Having read Jack Kerouac’s novel, ‘On The Road,’ this image of American landscape holds interest; the building within this landscape was perhaps intact and used at the time the novel was written, the end of the forties. I’m liking the resulting edit, expressive in terms of colour and compositionally pulling my curiosity toward this former building.

Listening to – U2’s ‘Sleep Like a Baby Tonight,’ ‘Cedarwood Road’ and ‘Raised by Wolves.’

Quote to Inspire – “For photography to compete with painting means invoking originality as an important standard for appraising a photographer’s work, originality being equated with the stamp of a unique, forceful sensibility.” Susan Sontag, ‘On Photography’

2 thoughts on “Curious, Unique

  1. I read On The Road years ago, now just a vague impression, perhaps I’ll revisit. It gave me a dream of wandering that I have to some extent been able to fulfil, a wanderlust I still have. A copper-tone finger pointing to the past, or perhaps to the mountains of the horizon, leading us away to a place we can just glimpse on the edge of knowing we need to go there.


    1. Hey there, Jim:

      ‘Glimpse the edge of knowing’ seems very much like something else for us all, twilight imagery – those kind of intuitive impulses/knowings we have as we release the day … just as we’re falling asleep. ‘On the Road’ seems a novel of transition into adulthood – that move from final adolescent restlessness to settling into the first of several adult identities (in a Havighurst sense – where we move back and forth through our lives from periods of identity moratorium or discovery to periods of identity achievement where we know what we’re about and settled in that). Wanderlust – I wonder how you’d conceptualize this.;)

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