Christmas Lights – Grande Prairie, Alberta

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It has been a whirlwind  weekend traveling to Grande Prairie and back, all in pursuit of Christmas.

Of the landscape travelled through, weather’s interaction at the Dunvegan Bridge over the Mighty Peace was shifting mist and cloud against a backdrop of conifers laced with snow – beautiful picture taking weather, mountain weather. I stopped for a few shots, then was presented with excellent colours of the Dunvegan bridge in the two kilometre descent before crossing the Peace River – a snowy, wet world from which the yellows and browns of the suspension bridge stand above the metal grey of the river. With my SUV I trekked down and up a couple of times searching for a safe and easy place to park; no safe place suggested itself.  With an abundance of time (one of these times) I will park at the Dunvegan landing and hike back up the North embankment for about a kilometre with camera bag and tripod and get a few good shots  … one day.

At Christmas, Grande Prairie adorns itself well with seasonal lighting as does Grande Prairie Regional College and the Automobile Dealerships – I like the shallow depth of field in working with the Christmas lights on the Dodge truck image and the bokeh that was found.  The final shot is taken of a farm, well lit, within a dark, dark landscape last night – colourful schtuff.

Canon Lock-up Issue – I did have  lock-up issues with my Canon 60D on Saturday night … it probably had to do with using live view and inexact button pushing with gloved fingers;  I was sorting things through yesterday morning and by supper time the camera seemed to have good integrity with the shots I took of the farm house.  If the problem persists I will most likely re-install the firmware as a means to conquer the issue.  If any of you have experienced a similar issue I would appreciate hearing from you.

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