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Where Are You Going …?

The images I present in this post remind of a time when as a young Dad, I read stories from the Thomas the Tank Engine series to my son and my/our doing so was an enjoyable way to close out each day. Thomas, Percy,… Continue Reading “Where Are You Going …?”

Postponed for Better Days

Different economic forces press on the development of Alberta’s natural resources. The fall-out can mean that resource development is postponed for better days. Twenty minutes north from Whitecourt, Alberta, down a long, winding hill into a valley, a sawmill sits in disuse waiting its… Continue Reading “Postponed for Better Days”

B-Sides, Photographs that Linger

Sunday – photographs that I’d intended to post linger on my computer’s desktop in a file of edited images.  The week has been busy with obligations taking me into my nights. The first image is one of a barn located in a muskeg bog,… Continue Reading “B-Sides, Photographs that Linger”

Two Mercury Trucks & David Lindley’s Tune

Within this past week I have photographed two Mercury Trucks, the first, an early fifties three ton grain truck, part of a display celebrating the agricultural heritage of Manning, Alberta; the second was a vehicle that is as old as I am, a 1961… Continue Reading “Two Mercury Trucks & David Lindley’s Tune”

Dunvegan Photowalk, A Possibility

On October 1, 2011, as an educator having completed several month-long tasks associated with the September 30th student count and the paperchase associated  with ministry deadlines at 11:00 p.m., the night before, the prospect of participating in a Kelby Photowalk was there, was a… Continue Reading “Dunvegan Photowalk, A Possibility”

The Repeat of Round Bales Set On Land Regularly

Round bales of hay populate the landscape in the triangle of area between Grimshaw, Dixonville and Bluesky, Alberta. As I saw them, the bales will, at times, be neatly stacked by a farmer in preparation for winter use.  Some stacks will indicate surplus and… Continue Reading “The Repeat of Round Bales Set On Land Regularly”

After Dan Kameka, the Dunvegan Bridge

Dan Kameka, an artist and photographer in Alberta’s Peace Region has spurred me forward in this never-done photograph that I captured yesterday. I first became acquainted with Dan Kameka’s photography works at Grande Prairie’s Trumpeter hotel; there, I saw two eight-foot photographs, one a… Continue Reading “After Dan Kameka, the Dunvegan Bridge”

Douglas DC-3s – Green or Orange on White

As you drive past Hay River’s Airport and look both to the run way and to aircraft parking/storage areas, it can seem that you have returned to a former time.  Buffalo Airways has several Douglas DC-3s lining the airfield awaiting use in transport in… Continue Reading “Douglas DC-3s – Green or Orange on White”

Apart at Seams

At sundown I found this boat, dragged to its rest among the trees; it lies on Vale Island in the industrial section of Hay River’s west channel that now caters to barges on the Great Slave Lake. The photograph may make the boat look… Continue Reading “Apart at Seams”

-23C, Leaning North

Saturday – a new treasure of a car, a 2006 Nissan Altima with 35000 km, a vehicle barely finished being broken in, a definite upgrade from my 2000 GMC half-ton, a vehicle that is clean, well maintained and somewhat regal. The opportunity was there… Continue Reading “-23C, Leaning North”


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