Just Instinct

Project 365 - Photo-a-day

Again, a fifty-year-old lens, autumn sun in the late afternoon, white glow and crispness of shape.

“’You think too much and I bet it kills the magic,’ he says simply. ‘Some things are just instinct and if you try and replace that with thinking they die. You can read and think as much as you want before and after, but in the moment, man, you have to, like, let go (Blue GhostGhost, Art Criticism).’”

Listening to: Pat Green’s cover of U2’s ‘Trip Through Your Wires’ featuring Joe Ely.

2 thoughts on “Just Instinct

    1. Hey there, Coach Rep – thank you. The intention is to encourage toward outcome and engage in dialogue that helps leverage stepping out and seeing what one can do.

      Hope you’ve got a camera in your hands when possible.


      Take care.

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