Autumn Moments

Project 365 - Photo-a-day
Dunvegan - Teepee Frame

Dunvegan – Teepee Frame

Fall Harvest - Grimshaw, Alberta

Fall Harvest – Grimshaw, Alberta

Forest Panorama - Hutch Lake, Alberta

Forest Panorama – Hutch Lake, Alberta

Vintage Grain Truck - Near Manning, Alberta

Vintage Grain Truck – Near Manning, Alberta

A Teepee frame on the valley floor at Dunvegan, near the Factor’s house, the Peace River and the Dunvegan bridge; a late evening sunset during harvest, a family operation … almost done; a forest trail panorama – looking for greens on an overcast Sunday afternoon in late September; and, a vintage grain truck – up for sale, on the side of the road. All are opportunity to find fall colour and to become a stealer of moments.

Reminded well of Dar Williams’ album ‘The Beauty of the Rain,’ and of one particular song – ‘Fishing in the Morning.’ The first lines run … ‘Let’s go fishing in the morning, just like we’ve always gone. You can come inside and wake me up, we’ll pack and leave by dawn.’ It’s a song about taking concrete steps in Life and Lives towards hopes, dreams and goals. It’s a song about appreciating time on Earth.

Quote to Consider / Inspire: “Photographic technique is no secret and – provided the interest is there – easily assimilated. But inspiration comes from the sould and when the Muse isn’t around even the best exposure meter is very little help. In their biographies, artists like Michelangelo, da Vinci and Bach said that their most valuable technique was their ability to inspire themselves. This is true of all artists; the moment there is something to say, there becomes a way to say it.” – Ralph Gibson, from his book ‘Déjà vu’ [cited in Creative Camera December 1972, p. 401]

Listening to: Dar Williams’ song ‘The Beauty of the Rain,’ a song fretted / learned with my FP-325SRC reading tablature shared in Acoustic Guitar magazine (now played with my L’Arrivee L-03).

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